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Prime 2.0
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Default Various hud graphics unaligned in non-green resolutions

Just a grab bag of hud alignment issues to keep it in one place. Tested in 1280x720 software mode.

  • Gravity boots icon in first person mode is not centered
  • Blue spheres count in NiGHTs special stages are slightly to the right, poking out of the arrow graphic.
  • "Get XX Rings" message overlaps itself in classic special stages.
  • Time remaining counter is misaligned with the literal "time remaining" text (EG, one is centered, the other is far off center) in classic special stages
  • Race/competition mode's starting countdown is off center.
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Just for the record, this is a software bug. To my knowledge all of these work fine in OpenGL.
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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
Just for the record, this is a software bug. To my knowledge all of these work fine in OpenGL.
I'd argue to say that OpenGL does it as incorrectly as possible while still acceptable; Take a 320x200 screen, put the HUD on that, then stretch it over whatever resolution is chosen for the game. That's basically how it looks (except for the "sub-pixel" stuff, like when you scale images down on the HUD, where you then see more details in higher resolutions). Yes, with HUD pixels possibly being more or less wide than tall, and HUD pixels some times maybe being 4 screen pixels wide and some times 5 screen pixels wide in the same resolution. I had a couple of images showing this in action once and made a bug report about it somewhere once, but they've been lost to the times or such.

In this case, software mode is doing everything correctly, it's just being fed wrong information, where-as OpenGL basically ignores all of the information altogether, sort of, and just does everything the way it likes to do it. (So yes, OpenGL doing it all wrong is a separate issue unrelated to this.)
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