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a scar in time...
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Default Reddit Led Me Back to SRB2!

I've been playing Doom 4 on the PS4 and decided to check out the subreddit for it, in case there was anything interesting. Clicked on a thread asking what the best Doom mods were, and was expecting custom maps for the PS4 Doom...nope. Number one was SRB2. It was just a little neat moment for me, because despite the obvious connection between Doom and SRB2, I wasn't thinking about that at all, and suddenly BAM, SRB2.

Anyone else have any neat little SRB2 moments like this?

(I didn't want to make a new thread for this, but I didn't really know where else to post it, so I made one anyways...)

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Someone mentioned it on a Cacoward Nomination thread @Doomworld few years ago, I Don't remember exactly which one but that's how i discovered it .
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