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Originally Posted by fawfulfan View Post
Apparently, the reason it was so short is that Alvin originally was going to make Episode 8 and the future Episode 9 just one episode, but it was too long that way so he split it into two episodes.
Yeah I knew about the "splits" thing. Though I would of thought it'd be a little more relavent to have called it "SMBZ Ep 8 part 1" if it's the same Ep being split into two parts.
Everyone is entitled to their own truthful opinion on this planet...
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Old 10-12-2009   #22
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WOW. I remember i sued to watch this on youtube.
The guy really improved on this. Finally Something to look forward to.

Intense and funny, just the way I like it.
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Old 10-12-2009   #23
Chaos Zero 64
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I saw Episode 7 when it came out, and it was disappointing. A lot of pointless talk everywhere, mostly in the SMB1 area. And the fighting didn't seem that good. Average.

Now with Ep 8, it's a different story. I kept laughing every once in a while, thanks to all the jokes they threw in there. I didn't mind the artwork, since it's easier to see emotions that way. And while watching the doomship, it was 5 seconds later when I realized, "...wait, it's in real 3D. Huh, how nice."

I actually didn't expect it to end with a cliffhanger. But I guess now it simply means a whole 'nother year of trying to forget about it, then start to rejoice again when the new Episode comes out.
Originally Posted by Bigboi View Post
Personally, if SEGA makes a nice sum of cash, they're doing their job well. They don't need to appeal to hordes of manchildren that are pissed that some kid games aren't fun to play.
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AKA Diskette Projector
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I personally say Alvin wins the honor of 'The best sprite movie on newgrounds' award!

Take a look at all the other Mario and Sonic sprite movies we get! Some of them are bad, some of them are horrible, some of them are meh, some of them are good, but this one is...
Originally Posted by Bejeweled Twist announcer
When i saw the Hotel Mario reference in Ep. 8, i LAWLROFLMAOLOL'ed at Stuffwell's reaction!
Originally Posted by Stuffwell
Travesty, the strangest wave of dj v flowed around me...
(or something like that)

The Cliffhanger in Ep. 8 was very sudden! I was like 'What? Over already? Oh well'...Owait, someone used that line already...

From Ep.1-7, there was never a very sudden cliffhanger (i think), since now, with this short episode!

Now for the review!

- First, the humor, plot, fighting scenes as epic as was before, with more improvements! Don't get me wrong, i loved it!

- I kinda liked the custom artwork, and found it weird at the same time, because it doesn't really gives the Sonic Advance feel of it :S

- The 3D model was expected since Ep.7, so...nothing new for me there, but i agree with the doomship being weird!

- I loved Fire Sonic! He looked badass, with a short reference to Unleashed :D (during the fight) I don't care if it's only a recolor of SSonic, it's still badass, espessialy the artwork!

- I first thought Basilix was a fan-made villian by Alvin, but this "HEY MARIO, YOU KILLED MAH FRIENDZ, REMEMBER???" thing confuses me! Is that another reference to a Mario game like the Koopa bros. and Axem Rangers?

- Once again, that short episode and sudden cliffhanger dissapointed me a bit! Though this episode didn't take too long (like ep.7 did), but let's hope it's gonna take the same time like now!

Overall i say it's getting better, better, and better as episodes go on! Alvin is made of pure god of sprite movies!

Returned for better future, not as a human, but as a pony, cause ponies are awesome!

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Old 10-12-2009   #25
Sonic Shadow

The Basilix's friends that Mario killed are the random Koopas we casually stomp when playing any Mario game.

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Old 10-13-2009   #26
Chaos Knux
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"Dinosaur Land Castle, Room 2, Koopa #3" I went back and just savestate-abuse-mass-murdered that one koopa after seeing that

Originally Posted by Hyperknux View Post
-Fire Sonic was badass, I think it's a little bit intresting to see what "Power up forms" Sonic could use as well as the fire form. It'd be pretty cool to see someting like Racoon Sonic, or something related.
<-Perhaps Hammer Brothers Sonic?->
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Originally Posted by Derpy Hooves; Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

Last edited by Chaos Knux; 10-13-2009 at 10:42 AM.
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Originally Posted by Chaos Knux View Post
<-Perhaps Hammer Brothers Sonic?->
I like the design. The right one's spines and the left ones face would be the best.

But I really enjoyed this and I can understand why it took him so long to finish it even though it was short. Using those models frequently and those hi-def images must have been hell.
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Old 10-16-2009   #28
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"Dinosaur Land Castle, Room 2, Koopa #3"
I would like to see a scene of this...Murder in I can kill this koopas again and again...I will have fun ^^
WOW. I remember i sued to watch this on youtube.
The guy really improved on this. Finally Something to look forward to.
You should see it at newgrounds...Better quality...

Sure that 3D Graph were somehow bad but it kick ass...Alvin says in the description that this is because he tryed a new thing but that he cant do better because it is hard and it take time...Now i know why it takes 2 month late to finish it...

Action was not that Crappy...I realy loved.Battle was Epic and not Fail...
Actualy it is the best fighting scene i saw from SMBZ's series.

Basilisx can go to hell!Mario will rule...

This is original because everytime mario save the situation...(exept episode 1...This one was boring...)

I guess that alvin got more project these time...he got a kid and a wife...I bet that he will be late of 1 or 2 month again...but I don't mather...He will do fine...

Last thing I want to say...THE epic Fail...

Basilisx monolog...Omg...bull****!...I realy thing that this guy is...freak in his head or something...Do someone know Arnie the toad?...This guy is...I cant describe this toad...its a kid that survive to a Poisonned mushroom...Mario eats 2 or em!...No Mario gonna be stupid XD...

so...87% is fine in this film...10% awsome 3% borring...Toooooooo short movie...

Well...I guess this is the end of this review...NICE this is what i say...

See ya later on another topic...woot!
I usualy say many things...for nothing XD

One time, I made a uber long sentence...

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Old 10-16-2009   #29
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Originally Posted by Violo View Post
I like the design. The right one's spines and the left ones face would be the best.
I personally like the right sprite altogether. The colours suit Sonic well as well as the right sprite's spines looking better.
Everyone is entitled to their own truthful opinion on this planet...
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Old 10-17-2009   #30
That One Artistic Cat

Wow.... So many pop culture references, so little time.

I was... Impressed. Normally I despise sprite films but his usually get me pretty excited, even for a DBZ knock off. I have to say... The most epic fighting I've ever seen since SSBB. But.... The one thing that I was even more impressed with is his newly drawn sequences. I mean, wow... Incredible. Why didn't he animate the entire movie in non sprite animation?

Well... Either way, his sprite film series is by far the best. Dramatic, action packed, and fun.


Base (I never seem to remember the game title, Hotel Mario... Hilarious. The Weapon X based character is pretty badass.
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