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Default Why are there so many Co-op servers?

Everytime I look around, I see mostly Co-op, hardly any match, CTF, etc. What is going on? I do know one thing that most people play the same stages over and over with character wads.
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Many people have complained about this. I've got to agree though, there's way too many co-op servers. I wish there were more servers of other modes (Especially CTF.) that actually aren't modified and/or not full. Every time I make my own server though, I wait for nearly an hour and NO ONE comes. Yes, I did set it to advertise on internet.
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Also, people don't know how to wasd + mouselook, so they just do Coop instead.

And Bbop, your ports arn't forwarded.
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Yeah, we don't need 2 topics for this.
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