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With SRB2 being one of the first communities I was glad to be a part of, I had to watch the reunion interview. I did have a couple questions that I want to ask that weren't necessarily covered in the interview that revolve around the community.

1) Developers come and go on the staff and so do people within the community. I used to post quite a bit back in the day (5,439 posts... I had too much time on my hands) but I have not been active in years. Does the staff miss interaction with specific users/seeing users move on?

2) Do you believe a game like SRB2/SRB2's Community would succeed in today's environment?

[My Perspective Below]

I personally believe it wouldn't, as I remember the internet revolving around websites with free games such as MiniClip and so on. With the newer generations growing up on mobile, I don't think they have as big of an issue finding new games to play. Same deal with the community as I've seen many message boards die through the years as people move on and more general websites like Reddit being the focus for online discussion in gaming communities.

3) Has SEGA reached out to the SRB2 staff at all? I know the interview mentioned if they were asked to work on a Sonic game would they accept it, so I'm assuming no in the hiring department but I'm talking more in a general "Cool game you guys got there", I'm also kind of curious if they ever saw SRB2 as a threat as they saw SonicGL.

Edit: Oh, I liked the question about mods within the community. I remember the one JTE mod being huge at the time.

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