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Default srb2playtime

Hide And Seek

[color=red]Link Removed[/color]
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Pics my borther or else this topic will be gone.
PM me when you add it in.
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I like your attitude!
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Default Re: srb2playtime

Originally Posted by supershadow#1
Hide And Seek Time.

[color=red]Link Removed[/color]
Shouldn't this go in the editing section? or better yet, levels.
Originally Posted by filio View Post
How stupid will the internet get?
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SRB2 Guy
hurr hurr

Since when were you SRB2-Playah?
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Sonic Destiny
dealer of Retribution.
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Default Re: srb2playtime

Originally Posted by supershadow#1
Hide And Seek

[color=red]Link Removed[/color]
I think this level, is awesome!
It uberly pwnz!
(Sorry Mods i had to say it "it uberly pwnz!")
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Hey, there! Creator of SRB2 Hide and Seek right here. And I don't recall giving you permission to publically redistribute my WAD.
Though you haven't quite claimed this WAD for yourself, you didn't give proper credits neither. If you don't tell people who made this, people assume it's you. So that's a no-no.

Topic locked, link removed.

Remember: Ask the creator's permission before distributing, editing, or really doing ANYTHING with a WAD aside from playing it.
Hey, hey hey.
Chill out.
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