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Sonic Advance
-using now abiT user-
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Default Anyone from Olds?

Hello guys. I've been going online here under nickname "abiT". I had a break of a few years and I've been wondering if there are still some old people playing like I don't know... Turbo? Radic? It would've been nice to get back into game with some players that I know.
In the old times, known as "abiT".
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I've never heard of those people
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hakuna matata..?
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They played the game online years ago. I remember joining mainly Coop servers that Turbo was on, but I doubt he's still around. I'm not playing multiplayer myself anymore, so I hadn't checked, I could be wrong.
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It's entirely possible your friends lost interest if they were playing online only. For about two years, the server connection code was exceptionally faulty and ended up kicking a ton of people out, which means they could've been too frustrated to play through that. It's better now, but not perfect.
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In my experience also, the master server and forums tend to be different communities entirely. It seems a lot of regulars, if they even register, don't really post here.

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Do you know me? I used Confusion and Despicable Me for at least 7 years I play online.
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I do remember those names, i was called MK Masters :v played back in 2.0.6
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