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Default SRB1 Remake Music Isn't Affected By Volumes

The music in the SRB1 remake doesn't change volumes when the digital or midi volumes are changer.

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Monster Iestyn
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Wait do we still have a MIDI volume slider at all? I know we have volumes for digital music and sound, but I could have sworn we removed the MIDI one...

Anyway, changing the MIDI volume was disabled a few patches back because it did not work properly (before anyone says it, no it's not SDL or SDL_mixer's fault). SRB1 Remake's music is nearly all MIDI, so yeah you're probably stuck there.
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Isn't there a generally safer alternative, like per-say, using .ogg for the tracks in digital mode and leaving the midi there just to be there?
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How practical would it be to just convert all of the MIDIs to ITs or some other tracker format (OpenMPT seems to be okay at doing this if you tinker with the settings) and load them as digital music? You'd have the same shitty MIDI sound, but in a format that the game can play properly (at a smaller filesize than full OGGs would require). And you have a demonstration of our module playback capabilities!

I mean, SRB1 Remake sucks anyways, but it's nice to have the music files around if only to give modders more options in cases like the OLDC, where custom music isn't allowed.
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The MIDI slider is disabled on purpose.

Temporarily removed the ability to change MIDI volume, due to the headaches caused by it (Spontaneous muting of the EXE, the volume getting adjusted in Windows Mixer for no good reason, etc)
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