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Hype Time!
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Default Wii Sports Club

So this is happening:

Wii Sports Club is like a Wii Sports re-release, it seems. Starting November 7th, Wii U owners can get Wii Sports Club and play the available sports, Tennis and Bowling. Boxing, Baseball, and Golf, will come "in the months ahead."

Each game can be played for a 24 hour period. Once it ends, you can either buy a Day Pass for $2 to play all games for 24 hours, or permanent pass for individual sports for $10.

There will also be enhanced controls through Wii MotionPlus, head-to-head ONLINE (!) multiplayer, and also state or regional clubs you can join, and can chat through Miiverse during matches. You can also play casually against other members of your club, or against rival club members to increase you club ranking.

This looks promising, don't you think? What DO you think?
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Needy child
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So, now we get to do Wii sports online and have better controls? Cool, but why not do it in the first one?
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