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Default Srb2 Riders?

Where the crap is it?!Theres no downloading link on google!
srb2 rox lol zomg
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light the elementa
Elementa Forever!
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Right below you...where it says SRB2Riders EXE.
Whatz Up, SRB2 peoplez?
Light Elementa here, awesomesauce racer and kewltastic skillage, ready to take challengers on!
(Caution: You may get OWNT!)

***ILY 4EVER TG <3***
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Why can't people just look in the releases section where there are lots of popular WADs?
Originally Posted by PowerChaos
Windows is better. I mean, applications you can run? How awesome!
And I mean to run without downloading hacks. :V
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Permanently Banned

You posted in the subforum where it lies, lol
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