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Old 03-24-2014   #21
Video Game Youtuber
RetroRampage's Avatar

For me, I had a username called "Sonicfan54" (a really horrid username, I know) But about 2 years ago, I wanted to make a youtube channel, so I needed a better name. I asked my irl friend, Jerry, to make one up for me.

He came up with "RetroRambler"

I hated it, but I liked "Retro" and I liked the two R's in the name. So I replaced Rambler with Rampage, and now I have a cool username and am happy.
(I sometimes add 37 after retrorampage, if the name is taken)
I review games on youtube its kinda cool, I guess.
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Old 03-24-2014   #22
Permanently Banned

My first name + TheHedge =
FaroukTheHedge =D
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Old 03-24-2014   #23
Alice's Avatar

I think I remember asking this question to several people. I have had too many usernames that I lost track.

Hinote was actually an old nickname of mine when I was a child. Relatives began to just call me Hinote because I always kept playing with fire and my fascination with flames and explosions.

Hinote does mean flames by the way.

But the fun in "High Note" still applies thanks to puns.
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Old 03-24-2014   #24

My username's origin is a bit regrettable. "Eblo" was the name of my Sonic fancharacter from when I was about 10 years old. Since I never encounter the name anywhere ever, I decided to stick with it for convenience. No idea how I actually came up with the name to begin with; it's entirely original.
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Old 03-24-2014   #25
I do things sometimes
CobaltBW's Avatar

It was/is a protagonist in a videogame I'm planning.

Originally Posted by Jellybones View Post
Sometimes I go by Jollybeans. It's just an amusing anagram.
That's awesome.

Check out my soundcloud profile for music stuff
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Old 03-24-2014   #26
Wolfy's Avatar

My original name was wolfy852. I was new to the internet at the time, and wolves are my favorite animal(no I'm not a furry gtfo) so I chose that and the name stuck. Over time, I decided to drop the numbers and simply became Wolfy.
[23:56:36] <SM-MaxX> prisma illya is a gift to this impure earth and a shining beacon for all anime
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Old 03-29-2014   #27
Rob's Avatar

I'm a thief.
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Old 03-29-2014   #28
Netro's Avatar

I took "retro" and "metro" and pretty much mashed them together, lower case r can be made into a N and M can sorta do the same, plus it comes before N. My optional "last name", Ombius, came from Pokemon actually. I was playing Pokemon Sapphire way back when it came out and the Berry Master gave me a word, omnibus, and I misread it as Ombius and it stuck til this day. Netro Ombius, kinda a catchy name, ain't it?
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Old 03-31-2014   #29
Animal Crossing Addict
Esupanitix's Avatar

1. Take box of scrabble tiles
2. Remove box
3. Remove board, manual, tile holders
4. Open bag of tiles
5. Take ten tiles out of the bag, exchange excess vowels in the bag, keep exchanging random letters until you pull out a non-blank one-of-a-kind tile (Like X)
6. Arrange the tiles in a way that doesn't sound terrible as it forms syllables that are easy to pronounce with roman-latin standards.
7. Esupanitix.
Hi, just taking your bandwidth up here with a few more lines of text.
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Old 04-01-2014   #30
Totally Not Zero
J-town's Avatar

Didn't this topic exist before? ;D Eh, my last post in it was in 2010, so REIMAGINING OF THE PAST ARE GO.

~ JoeBro387 ~
My original username, based loosely on my actual name, with numbers attached because that's what young people do. ;o

~ J-Town ~
My second username, created after a nickname given by a character in Animal Crossing: Wild World. I eventually grew bored of it. I also joined SRB2 around this time, hence my forum username.. I should really PM an admin to change it, but lazy~

~ NeonJ [Variations: Neon-J, NeonJ82] ~
My third (and technically still used) username, given to me in a SRB2 netgame after I asked someone (I recall it was Kiddytails I asked, actually) what I should have for a new username. Neon-J was the result, but I later omitted the dash. (Though IIRC, Kiddy originally said it without the dash, but I originally insisted on having it. Huh. Now I can't stand that dash.)

~ Cirom [Variations: Cirom Breeze, Moric, CyanCirom] ~
My current username, commonly used around ~2 years ago. Originally I wanted a username which was unique, would near-always identify as ME and wouldn't be taken on most sites I used (Which is why "NeonJ82" came to be :T) - Cirom was the result, taken from one of the apple-like fruits in a test game I once made (Which essentially means that "Cirom" basically means "apple") - I often use the username in "Full Name" format, with the last name "Breeze". I remember not how that last name came to be.
"Moric" is just "Cirom" spelt backwards. Amusingly, it sounds MORE like an actual name than Cirom does. I only really use Moric in events like AFD or when I'm just messing around.

Other minor names I used:

~ Garee [Variations: Garee Blake] ~
Created not too long after NeonJ, but a fair while before Cirom. Originally created as a character to use in RP stuff, eventually became a username for a small while. I currently have that name as a character for another project of mine. The name is actually based on a corruption of the word "Green", with the N removed - and not the word "Gary". Though to be fair, it *IS* pronounced like "Gary"... so eh.

~ Bluestone ~
Used only on SRB2 for some reason, usually when I want to not be Cirom for a while. Still in use, actually! Based on Minecraft's "Redstone".. but blue. I designed the name to be really unoriginal sounding to give people the wrong idea in netgames ;D

Huh, feels weird looking how different I see things now, compared to my old post 4 years ago, haha.
The name's Cirom! Also known as NeonJ!
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Old 04-06-2014   #31
The Omelette Man
SomariTheAdventurer's Avatar

I had tried tons of names when I joined the SRB2 community and none of them were memorable nor exciting. The name kinda just came to me.

Dr. Eggman? Dr. Omeletteman? Get it? Hahahahahah- ..sorry

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Old 04-06-2014   #32
Metal Blake
Here dozes the masked clown
Metal Blake's Avatar

Well, when I was 10, so almost seven years ago as of now, I made my own fan character (Named it after my first name, cause, well, I'm horrible with names), in which he looked essentially like a green shadow with black stripes, blue eyes, no hair on his chest like sonic, etc. etc. Anyway, later on, about a month or so later, Metal Sonic became my new favorite sonic character, and so I made a metal version of "Blake the Hedgehog". Then when I started getting on boards like this, one day while thinking of a username (I think it was for Sonic Retro at that time) I came upon an old drawing of Metal Blake, simply labeled "Metal Blake". So I tried it, found it worked, and I thought it sounded cool, so I stuck with it. Plus, not only does it feel kinda cool to be referred to by my name online (as most people either call me "Metal" or "Blake" instead of "Metal Blake" due to length and effort required), but I always figured as long as the rest of my name is kept hidden, it should be fine. That, and, well, it sounded better than the Bionicle based "Kongu450" I was using before then.
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Old 04-06-2014   #33
Rex The Kitsune
Annoying Purple Dude
Rex The Kitsune's Avatar

In about 2007 I made a crappy recolor called 'Rex The Hedgehog'.
He was a purple sonic with goggles. At least I had the decency to draw him myself instead of recoloring pictures. Either way, absolutely horrid.
Then later I moved to a purple fox and built up that character, and I named him 'Rex The Kitsune' and I guess it just stuck.
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Old 04-16-2014   #34
Hype Time!
NoSubsPlz's Avatar

"Like, Comment and Subscribe!"

I got my name from that phrase that's on YouTube a lot. When I hear or see it, I just think that asking for subscribers is weird. You should earn subscribers by making great videos and doing good things on YouTube. My username is the opposite of that. It's like I don't even want any subscribers.

Some people have different opinions about it, but that's just what I think about it.
Add me on 3DS! (you don't have to, though...)
3DS Friend Code: 3110 - 4520 - 2735
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Old 04-16-2014   #35
Top Cock
MotorRoach's Avatar

Originally Posted by Rex The Kitsune View Post
In about 2007 I made a crappy recolor called 'Rex The Hedgehog'.
He was a purple sonic with goggles. At least I had the decency to draw him myself instead of recoloring pictures. Either way, absolutely horrid.
Then later I moved to a purple fox and built up that character, and I named him 'Rex The Kitsune' and I guess it just stuck.
You'll earn all of my respect if you ask an admin to change your name to Rex The T-rex.
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Old 04-18-2014   #36
Maximus Universal
dat dere kiirby
Maximus Universal's Avatar

Because I control the Universe.
That was what I said when Yacker turned me into an admin, and I
just changed my Username from "Maximus" to "Maximus Universal".
ThAt'S tHe nAmE yOu sHoUld kNoW
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Old 04-27-2014   #37
Soul the Wolf

I was sorta trying to follow the fan-character trend. I liked Knockout's and Nitro's, so I said screw it.

I had an old name too, but I forgot the damn password and email to it. You can find pictures of my old sprites I believe.
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Old 04-27-2014   #38
Larztard's Avatar

I honestly can't think back to what inspired me to pick Larztard... I was actually making a YouTube account back in November of 2010 and I got to the User Name box, I had spent hours trying to think of a good user name that sounded silly and catchy until my little 12 year old mind came up with Larztard.

Would I change my alias if I could? No because I kinda like how it sounds and it rolls off the tongue. Also in 2020, I think me coming up with my alias name for the Internet could earn itself the nostalgia status but meh.

I wish someone though could change my name on the forums to Larztard instead of larztard because 12 year old me did not know what the Shift Button could do lol.
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Old 04-27-2014   #39
The unreliable joodge
Whackjood's Avatar

Someone on the irc channel asked me about my name a few weeks ago and I never actually responded, so I may as well answer here.

Long ago when Warcraft 3 was still a relevant game people were actually playing online, I was using my brothers account. My brother used his real name but swapped around the first letters of his first and last name. After playing for a while, I decided to do the same thing and created the username 'Whackjood', even though I initially made a typing error when I put a h in there, but I liked it too much to get rid of it. AND THAT'S MY ORIGIN STORY.

and now I realize I have been using the alias Whackjood online for over a decade now. Send help.
Check me out elsewhere~: -Tumblr- -Youtube- -Steam- -MyAnimeList-
Battlenet tag: Whackjood#2732 (Europe)
"The Creeps" (1941)
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Old 04-27-2014   #40
Sigmund_Froid's Avatar

I find it strange that Freud is said with an "oy" pronunciation. I spelt the name by how it's pronounced in English, which how I came up with the name "Froid". Turns out that "Froid" is translated as cold in french.
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