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Abstraction Pack V2
Version: , by Chaobrother Chaobrother is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (5 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 01-06-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Multiplayer Levels

The Abstraction Pack is level pack containing 10 levels spread across 2 cups. These tracks occupy MAPGA-MAPGJ.

Spoiler: Track Descriptions:

The Stargazer Cup is a set of difficult courses about staring into the night sky and ascending to space. The courses are based off of previous levels that I have made.

Overgrown Castle (Map GA): A miniaturized, theme park version of a castle overrun with weeds and gnarled roots. This 3-lap beginner course has consistent road widths and basic drifts. The only punishment for failure is the off-road. This course should take 2:15 to 2:30 to complete.

Midnight Caves (Map GB): Traverse a cave network which loops in on itself and the adjoining mountain sides. This 3-lap beginner/intermediate course has many turns and falls to look out for. This course should take 2:00 to 2:30 to complete.

Empty Sanctum (Map GC): A long abandoned sanctuary of mysterious purposes. Eggman has taken some claim to the areas he could reach. This 3-lap intermediate course has pitfalls and steep turns. Knowing about drift storage while airborne can save some time on this track. This track should take 2:30 to 2:45 to complete.

Bio Satellite (Map GD): A turbocharged orbital conservatory with lasers to carve the landscape and stop intruders. This 2-lap intermediate/expert course has some daring turns and drifts. The lasers will change your racing line both laps. There are 3 shortcuts in this stage, with 2 not being as obvious. This track should take 2:00 to 2:45 to complete.

Cosmic Rift (Map GE): The final course in the Stargazer Cup. Traverse solidified planetoid rings with nothing but boosters and signs to keep you company. This 2-lap expert course has no off-road nor walls to keep you safe. The road is consistent and somewhat wider to compensate. Break drifting may be needed for steep or tight turns. This track should take 2:00 to 3:00 to complete.

The Dreamweaver Cup is a set of courses about the fantastic realms available if the mind is allowed to wander. Even though it takes place after the Stargazer Cup, it is much easier than it.

Ethereal Crystal (Map GF): A set of landmasses in another plane of existence populated by mountains and floating objects made entirely of crystal. The trees in this realm are of an unknown nature and purpose. This 4-lap beginner/intermediate course has some pits and tight turns worry about, but it should be no challenge after Bio Satellite and Empty Sanctum. This course should take 1:50 to 2:20 to complete.

Sublime Bastion(Map GG): A pure realm of eternal festivities. The wide road and easy turns ensure anyone can join in on the fun. This course should take 1:45 to 2:00 to complete.

Sunken Remnant (Map GH): The under water remains of a mystical palace. The glowing ley lines and the palace treasure somehow remain intact. Expect sharp turns and the possibility of off-road. This course should take around 1:30 to 1:50 to complete.

Harmony Villa (Map GI): A peaceful villa with a well kept landscape. The only catch is that the buildings and landscape have no regards for proper direction. Due to the dream-like nature of the landscape, reverse gravity is needed for the most effective traversal. This course should take 1:50 Ė 2:00 to complete.

Fetid Citadel (Map GJ): An otherworldly transition to the waking nightmare. Traverse a factory which seems to exist only to spread toxins to a faltering realm. This course should take around 2:05 to 2:30 to complete.

Spoiler: Course Backgrounds:

All tracks retain their names from their parent releases.

Overgrown Castle is based off a map made for SUGOI.

Midnight Caves is based off of an entry for SRB2ís 2014 May/June Official Level Design Contest.

Empty Sanctum is based off a NiGHTS map made for SUBARASHII. Flats and textures for this course are taken from the FreeDoom Texture Pack for SRB2

Bio Satellite is based off of Bio Satellite and Egg Lasershow from KIMOKAWAIII. This map was first one made and inspired the rest of the cup when I realized that some elements copied from the source levels would make for good track elements when slightly modified.

Cosmic Rift is based off a circuit map made for SRB2 v1.90.4. An update for the map was made for SRB2 v2.0, but never released due to waning interest in the circuit game type.

Ethereal Crystal is an original track inspired by Noaru Valley, from the PlayStation 1 RPG Legend of Legaia. The map was made much more colorful and landmasses other than hexagonal crystal were added to make the track interesting and better to play on.

Sublime Bastion and Sunken Remnant are original levels.

Harmony Villa takes inspiration from Mystic Forest and Soft Museum from NiGHTS into Dreams.

Fetid Citadel takes inspiration from the levels in the Dreamweaverís World and Gnasty Gnorcís stage from Spyro the Dragon. Elements from Dark Passage are the most prevalent.

Spoiler: Change Log:

Spoiler: v2

  • 4 new maps: Sublime Bastion, Sunken Remnant, Harmony Villa, and Fetid Citadel have been added. They do have encore changes and staff replays.
  • Ethereal Crystal has moved from Stargazer Cup BONUS to Dreamweaver Cup 1.
  • Because of the large update the Stargazer Cup is now part of the Abstraction Pack.
Overgrown Castle.
  • The levelís music has increased in volume after converting it to .ogg. If there is a way to increase the in-game volume of .spc files, please let me know.
  • Star posts have been added to the beginning and end of the path split.
Empty Sanctum:
  • The barriers on the edges of the first waterfall cavern have been made more consistent. The best way to approach it is still to take a sharp turn by drifting in midair.
  • The sloped outdoor U-turn now has a buffer of off-road before the pit.
  • The pillars near the end of the track have been adjusted so that drift timings are less tight.
Bio Satellite:
  • The warning signs at the start have been made twice as wide.
  • Reduced glue.
  • The corkscrew shortcut should now be possible for most weight classes. With vanilla characters, Knuckles will be able to execute it perfectly, Tails and Eggman will undershoot it, Sonic and Metal Sonic may hit the wall and plummet or with much more precise timing execute it perfectly. Metal Sonic can also overshoot it.
  • The ramp after the corkscrew has been adjusted for more success after respawning.

Spoiler: v1.1

Cosmic Rift:
  • Spawn traps near the end of the track have been fixed.
  • A low wall has been added to the first hairpin of the track.
Ethereal Crystal:
  • Thickened the death barrier near the half-pipe.

Spoiler: v1

  • A new track, Ethereal Crystal has been added as the Cupís bonus track. If I make another cup or a large map pack, this track will move to another cup.
  • Devtimes in record attack have improved somewhat. Thanks to the dedicated speed runners and people who are able to beat me in net-games for showing me how to play my maps better!
  • Checkpoint issues in Midnight Caves, Empty Sanctum, Bio Satellite, and Cosmic Rift have been resolved.
  • The Cup is no longer in beta.
Overgrown Castle:
  • An alternate path has been made more accessible.
  • Flags and other decorations have been added.
  • The level select picture has been updated.
Midnight caves:
  • The arrow signs are now 4 times as large.
  • Rocks have been added to the end of first turn.
  • Minor details have been added.
Empty Sanctum:
  • You are less likely to be wedged in the end of the half pipe turn.
Bio Satellite:
  • A set of yellow springs have been replaced with a ramp.
  • The corkscrew shortcut is more difficult to execute.
  • The S-turn had its first half revamped and should be less awkward to navigate.
Cosmic rift:
  • The hairpin turn shortcut is no longer possible with a perfect start.
  • The upward turn is now a banked slope for better visibility.
  • More planetoids have been added.

Spoiler: b1.3

  • All tracks now have encore pallets.
  • Dev times are now included. They are meant to be expert level and there arenít any medals for beating them.
Cosmic Rift:
  • A turn and booster have been adjusted.
  • Immediate desyncs when replaying ghosts has been fixed.
  • The course is now 3 laps.

Spoiler: b1.2

Overgrown Castle:
  • The mini-map has been updated.

Bio Satellite:
  • The mini-map has been updated.
  • It should no longer be possible to repeatedly spawn over a pit by going under a bridge.

Cosmic Rift:
  • The mini-map has been enlarged and updated.
  • Several steep slopes and tight turns have been alleviated.
  • Some course skips have been removed.
  • The course is somewhat more detailed.

Spoiler: b1.1

  • The cup is now compressed via PK3.
  • Song credits are now added.
  • Slope physics have been removed from some unneeded areas.
  • Arrows have been added in some more areas.

Overgrown Castle:
  • The course is somewhat more detailed.

Midnight Caves:
  • Fencing and advance warning is now given for the sharp waterfall turn.
  • The waterfall at that sharp turn no longer has current.
  • The fence texture has changed to better contrast with the environment.

Empty Sanctum:
  • The course is more detailed.
  • The map has been changed to reflect closed gaps.
  • The start of the map should have better visibility.
  • The sloped U-Turn has been flattened and replaced with a staircase.
  • The first waterfall cavern now has barriers on the outer edge of the platforms.
  • The sloped outdoor U-Turn is much smoother.
  • The second waterfall cavern has had a gap bridged and (hopefully) a spawn trap has been removed.
  • A sky conflict (notably with Adventure Acre Zone) has been resolved.

Bio Satellite:
  • Laser timings have been made fairer.
  • It should no longer be possible to die on the first straightaway of the course. A barrier was added to the outer edge and if you spin out, you will reach the top of the incline with no further damage.
  • The end of the second straightaway now has some extra ground to drive on if you were unable to avoid the end via the turns or the middle path.
  • The corkscrew now has some added arrows.
  • The S-turn is much more lenient. It is now less steep; glass barriers have been added to the inside edges and most of the springs bridging the curves have been removed.

Cosmic Rift:
  • Spawn traps have hopefully been reduced.
  • Some checkpoint skips were resolved.
  • The first steep slope no longer has a checkpoint.

b1 - Original release.

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Old 01-07-2019   #2
Worst Ranked 'Kart Player
D00D64's Avatar

OOh, a cup! Don't see those often enough! It's welcome to releases, but I'd like to discuss the maps a little bit too...

Overgrown Castle - I really enjoyed this one, but I don't have much else to say on it. I do like how the big trunks on the turns can be cut by boosting where its sloped down.

Midnight Caves - My only real issue here is that one turn before the waterfall you drive through. Despite the signs, I always seem to pass it. Also, any reason why the waterfall in question needed to force you back? I know there's a boost pad right there, but the waterfall didn't need to do this.

Empty Sanctum - The respawn for this turn right here felt really awkward to me, and I felt some jumps had me hesitating just a hair too long on how to approach the next turn, leading to some falls, and maybe some arrows could alleviate that? Could just be me.

Bio Satellite - Oh wow, that is quite the difficulty spike. The laser beams should have less active frames at the end, its just too small of a difference between the different blasts. I also found myself falling off a lot of the turns more often too, like over here where the first time I took it, I just drove off. I also feel that the respawn for this S turn over here is very harsh for how far back you go if you mess up, which I did multiple times on my first lap. Finally, the sneaker shortcut that takes you to a set of springs, I ended up going right past all of them the first time I took it and flung right into the pit. Might wanna place more and clump them closer together.

Cosmic Rift - And after the last map, we actually have an easier one, but still remaining more difficult than the first 3, and rightfully so. My only real issue here is the big sudden decline here followed up by the turns. It just feels so sharp and always caches me off guard. Instead of one sharp drop, the peak of the drop should have a curved slope to it to ease you in a bit, I keep thinking I clipped through the road you see as you descend, or something. I also feel the sudden sharp slope issue makes the following ascending slopes a bit hard to see the turns for too, but that could just be me.

Overall, I still say I enjoyed this pack, even if a bit unpolished and in need of some visual bump up (like with Cosmic Rift) You still did good work!
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Size:	1.80 MB
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Name:	kart0036.gif
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Name:	kart0037.gif
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Name:	kart0038.gif
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The least skilled player on the Kart Krew dev team, but I try my best. Maybe someday...

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Old 01-29-2019   #3
LunarRay's Avatar

I found a respawn trap in Empty Sanctum.
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Old 01-30-2019   #4
Chaobrother's Avatar

Thanks for everyone’s feedback! The Stargazer Cup has been updated to b1.1. This minor update should hopefully reduce the Hell-tier difficulty of the original release, while keeping the intended challenge.
Edit: The Stargazer Cup has been updated to Beta 1.2. This update primarily fixes major issues with Cosmic Rift.
The change log is in the original post.

Last edited by Chaobrother; 02-09-2019 at 11:27 PM.
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Old 02-13-2019   #5
Chaobrother's Avatar

Beta 1.3 has been released. Dev times, Encore pallets, and more changes to Cosmic Rift come with this update.
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Old 03-31-2019   #6
Chaobrother's Avatar

The Stargazer Cup is now out of beta. A new track has been added and several game play changes have been made. I thank everyone who has given me feedback about the cup. If there is something that has been missed, feel free to let me know!
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Old 04-28-2019   #7
Chaobrother's Avatar

The Stargazer Cup has been updated to resolve the spawn traps in Cosmic Rift. Check the change log for more details.
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Old 05-14-2019   #8
VGBoy's Avatar

The volume for the music on Overgrown Castle is too low compared to the other tracks.
That's really the only complaint I have since I haven't had a chance to test the maps in multiplayer.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #9
Chaobrother's Avatar

The Stargazer Cup has gotten a huge upgrade! And with that, it is now known as the Abstraction Pack. 4 new levels have been added to make the Dreamweaver Cup, with Ethereal Crystal being moved to serve as the first level in the cup. Beyond that there several quality of life changes to the Stargazer Cup. Check the change log for details.
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Old 6 Days Ago   #10

I have mixed feelings about this pack. Most of it is quite good, so if I don't list a course here that means I think it's good. But I have a few issues with a couple tracks.

Empty Sanctum:
I want to like this track since it has a decent environment, but there are turns that are too sharp to avoid walls at speed, some steps where they feel out of place, as well as the boosting over springs and islands part that is a little too hard. My entire group of 8 people always wants to skip this one :(

Cosmic Rift:
I get that this map is supposed to be hard, but the only way I could make it completable for most of my group was by reducing the scale by 10%. There needs to be more room on the track for less than perfect corners and avoiding obstacles. It feels like a time trial single player map, not a multiplayer race map.

Harmony Villa:
Cool concept, but something about the way the track plays while upside down had three of my friends saying they felt ill while playing it. not sure how to fix this one :(

Now some good stuff:
Bio Satellite is great fun. It was alright in its first iteration, but it got quite a bit better when you removed the bumpers and added a few walls to the S curve, love the shortcut built into it.

Fetid Citadel is also pretty fun. Though there is a sharp cliff near the finish in a sharp corner that feels kinda bad. Otherwise, great map.

Sunken Remnant is also fun. Not too fancy, but all around good.

As a note, we always play on Hard speed with 6-8 players, if that makes a difference.
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