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Old 06-28-2008   #661
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As for dealing with coop+no exit sectors, just have 1.1 kick everyone off the netgame if such a situation happens on the MS. This shall not apply to Emerald Hunts/Special Stages. I bet someone already said this, though; can't be bothered looking.
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Old 06-30-2008   #662
Permanently Banned

I can't believe no one has suggested a Race/Circuit revamp, yet.

Ah, well...

I tried to make it look a bit like the Mario Kart series (recent). It's rushed, and a bit clunky, but it works as a concept, right?

Place/number of players

1st: Gold
2nd: Silver
3rd: Bronze
4th: Marble or whatever is 4th
5th and so on: Generic
Last: Reddish? I don't know.

Keeping track of places could be done by placing invisible things on the map that go along with the path (numbered somehow), of course only the checkpoints would matter for completing the lap.


The larger head is you. That's how it is in the recent Mario Karts, anyway...
This is where the Map to SVG thing could come in handy.

Rings (0 would flash red and white of course)

Total Time

Lap Times (Lap Time refers to the current lap's time and it rolls with the time until you complete it)
Best lap should be highlighted, but the race hasn't been finished yet!



Items... which I hope will come to SOME use in the levels. Either timed, one-time use, or ammo, while having the special rings on the map regularly. (Ripped from a random 1.1 beta screenshot on some random person's sepwich account)

A player... card, thing, that should show up above the other players' heads as you get near them (fade in) like Mario Kart Wii! The color would be based on, I guess, the color you first chose when registering for that SRB2 Live thing, and your avatar would show up on the right. You could also add region and country if you wanted, as well as ranking, etc.

Well? Plausible or not?

Edit: ARGH. 2nd/4, and yet I only put three players on the map. Sorry.

Edit: Oh, and I believe that there should be some sort of key that allows you to open the extended display, regular display, and simplified display.

Extended: Everything
Regular: The lives, place, map, places, laps, rings, items, and time.
Simplified: Lives, place, laps, rings, items, and time.

Allowing the player to customize their display (turning certain features on/off) would be great, too.
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Old 06-30-2008   #663
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You mean for NiGHTS races, right? Well, I always create my NiGHTS races so that you don't run out of Drill Dash, anyway. Unless something better is created, I wouldn't mind having my Wacky Track Zone replace Slumber Circuit Zone. My zone IS better. Just remove some of the Sky Change Linedef Executors. Maybe two sky changes per lap will be enough to not annoy people.
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Old 06-30-2008   #664
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I'd like to see Wacky Workbench(Sonic CD)-style floors, where they would bounce you up very high whenever the floor was active. Of course, they would make the same sound effect as they did from SCD.

I may have suggested this before, but one thing I'd like to see is the ability to add custom palettes/textures without at the same time modifying the game. It would work in a similar fashion to how you can change the game's music somewhat, but you wouldn't be modifying music.dta or whatever. Rather, SRB2 1.1 would be able to support a "custom palette/texture/music" wad file, which the file's name would get selected by SRB2 based on what is put in config.cfg, or possibly selected ingame. In the custom wad file, you would make a MAINCFG which would show what palette/textures/music in CUSTOM.wad replace those from srb2.wad. Music wise, while the custom music could also replace those playing ingame, you would also be able to choose which number they play in through a new command called "CTUNES." When the custom wad is applied, all the new stuff that you wanted MAINCFG to appear in the game will do so. The game would not be considered modified, since palettes, music, and textures do not have any technical effect on gameplay. Since the game would be displaying everything through your computer, you would also be able to play netgames with others without them needing the file. Other things you could change would include watercolors/brightness/lights for a specific level(you would enter what watercolor/brightness/light value you'd want to change, and then you would put the new one in, so all bodies of water and the like that used that value will take on the appearance of the new value.

Now, some may argue that being able to change the palette and textures might possibly allow them to reveal secrets and the like by making them more noticeable. While I can't really think of any situation where that would be a big problem, perhaps SRB2 should only allow the ability to add custom graphics(music would be customizable from the start) after you finished the 1.1 Single Player once(if you didn't reach the Extra level, then you won't be able to edit textures that appear there until you beat that). In netgames, it shouldn't be a big deal either, as, say, making red/blue while in CTF probably won't do any real benefits, as they are already visible to begin with, and they'd just screwing up other textures in the process. And remember, all things done with the custom wads will only apply to whoever is using it's end, so don't worry about them making things "blend in," whatever they do won't touch the appearance of the other player's end at all.
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Old 06-30-2008   #665
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We need some more NiGHTS-based features:

-Enemies that move along the NiGHTS axis.
-Faster acceleration. You reach your top speed as NiGHTS more quickly than Super Sonic.
-Items that respawn during the bonus time.
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Old 07-01-2008   #666
Monster Iestyn
Friendly Neighbour-Hood
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Electric Damage sectors should have an electricy sort of sound to go with it when you touch it and get hurt by it, similar to Spike sectors.
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Old 07-02-2008   #667
on Edge
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Mouselook should move the camera when playing in analog. It would work great, if you think about it.
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Old 07-02-2008   #668
Pretty chill guy
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When you activate the egg capsule, the camera should somehow be turned to an angle where you can see the activation better. 'Cause I remember thinking: "What the heck did that do?" the first time I pushed the button on the egg capsule. Mostly due to the fact that I couldn't see anything happening on the angle I was on.
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Old 07-02-2008   #669
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The ability to bind camera control to a joystick axis. I'd love to use my right analog stick on my gamepad for camera conrtol.
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Old 07-03-2008   #670
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I know we can switch between 2D and 3D mode in the middle of the level, but let's expand on that:

Linedef Type Four Hundred Something: Change Level Mode

Change Level Mode is a linedef executor that changes the TypeOfLevel in the middle of the game. It is mainly used for being able to switch in and out of Mario mode, 2D mode, Adventure mode, NiGHTS mode, and Christmas mode. The control sector's floor height determines the new game mode. Changing actual gametypes in the middle of the game, such as changing a 1P level to a Match level, has no effect. The new TypeOfLevel is ALWAYS retained after dying.
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Old 07-03-2008   #671
What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
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Originally Posted by SRB2WikiSonicMaster
Linedef Type Four Hundred Something: Change Level Mode
What would you use something like this for? You can actually already do it, via 'run script' linedef executor and call RUNSOC <lumpname> that has a new map header in it.
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Old 07-03-2008   #672
Shadow Hog
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Unique start points depending on what player you are playing as.

Hold on, hear me out. Remember Sonic & Knuckles? Think back to Mushroom Hill. If you were playing as Sonic, you'd start out up high in Act 1, whereas as Knuckles, you'd be down low at the level's start. I suppose Carnival Night might be an even better example, especially since the two paths don't even cross until the mini-boss, and split off again very early on (unless you take advantage of a spot where Sonic's path pokes out a bit, and cut into his path from there - I do that a lot, it's fun :) ).

Basically, while the official levels in SRB2 have pretty much no need for anything other than generic starting points, it'd be pretty awesome to have for the more ambitious level designers around here to take advantage of. Imagine a truly co-op level where some of the players have to work together on individual paths devoted to their characters to finish the level. Imagine playing the same single-player level in three unique ways due to the starting points being placed so that linedef executors can modify the level as needed for each character's run through to be completely different, despite being the same level. In short, imagine S3&K, but in SRB2.

Of course, the devil is in the details, so basically, each character would first see if their character has a unique spawn point in the map. Failing that, it would see if a generic spawn point were present, and failing that, it'd search for Sonic's spawn, Tails' spawn, and then Knux's spawn, in that order, and place them at whichever is found first. Failing THAT, it'd either crash (like it presently does when no Player 1 spawn exists) or place you into a multiplayer spawn if available (else it'd crash, again). As for custom characters, they'd default to Sonic's spawn unless explicitly stated otherwise (i.e.: "make my echidna fan char, Mari-Soo, spawn at Knuckles' spawn, please"). Also, the "generic spawn" could just be Sonic's spawn, to avoid having four types of spawn points (not even counting multiplayer and CTF spawn points).

I think it'd be pretty awesome if done right - very much in the vein of S3&K. You agree?
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Old 07-12-2008   #673


Booleans that when set to 1, it allows the character to roll-up into a ball after launching off of a spring or after using an ability at the cost of their upward momentum. Rolling after an ability does not restore the ability's use unless multiability is active.
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Old 07-14-2008   #674
Red Fire (The True Fire)

Heres a good and simple feature,

Allow yourself to switch from fullscreen to windowed or visa-versa in game.

It's a bit annoying to have to restart the game everytime you want to switch between the 2.
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Old 07-15-2008   #675
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Originally Posted by Monster Iestyn
Please keep discussion to the Discussion topic, guys...
I am, i was just saying....>_>

Anyways the time attack background and the results background, can you make it like sonic 2's where it changes
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Old 07-15-2008   #676
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Ok this is probably iditoic but how about vertical springs and springs that hang on walls?
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Old 07-19-2008   #677
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A different kind of thunder weather & sound effect.

I'm thinking along the lines of what's in this:

Basically a distant, rather heavy thunder sound & less dazzling flash as opposed to BRIGHT FLASH & SHARP BANG!
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Old 07-19-2008   #678
Princess Solelias
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DW Edit: I don't know who you were addressing, or who you think you are to determine this, but decisions on who is/isn't an administrator are not made by you. Consider this a warning.

Anyways, make a sound test options, so we won't have to type in the tunes in on the console.

Make sideways springs.

Make a slow-motion sector effect.

Make a linedef executor, change camera view and scroll.

Let the Red Volcano boss shoot flamethrowers like in sonic 3D blast.(Egg-Flamer)

Let the Arid Canyon boss be something that throws TNT bombs at you.(Egg-Bomber)

Let Red Volcano 2 have platforms that falls as you move close to it likein Marble Zone.

Let water/lava toss platforms up in the air like on Marble Zone as well.

Give the bowser enemy new/better sprites.

Change the selection options like in the regular sonic games: Choose a character than choose a zone.

Make a new enemy with spinning fireballs like in ristar for Red Volcano.
Make a armadillo enemy that spins and attack you for Arid Canyon.
Make a grounder enemy that pops up from underground like in Labyrinth and Auqatic Ruin.
Make some Gadget enemies for Dark City.
Make an enemy that Grabs and take all your rings away like in Chemical Plant.
Make a Dragon enemy that pops out the lava like in Hill Top Zone.
Mane an enemy that charges at you like a bull.

Make a boss pinch.

Make an animated intermission screen like on sonic 2.

Make a new gametype: Score the most points, destroy the most enemies and/or collect the most rings.

Remix the credits, mix up the music like in sonic 1-3.

Give the player a higher jumpheight in 2D-Mario mode.

Make extra skies for valid choices.

Make a gravity sector where you can freely move around.

Make bumpers like in spring yard and all that.

Make cannons where you can launch yourself.

Add an Extra Zone for collecting all the emeralds: Doomsday and Nonagression. Name it, "The Final Judgement".

Let Tails Follow Sonic as a choice.

Let sonic turn hyper like in sonic 3 & knuckles when all 8 emeralds are collected.(Alot of people probaly already said it)

Make spinning diamonds and icicle sprites like in Ice Cap.

Make a Hidden Palace Zone.

Stop the game from crashing if the player dont have wads to join netgames.

Unmodify - command to remove all the wads and cheats so we wont to restart the game before joining netgames.

Walking on walls gravity.

Make a spinning wheel cage like Metropolis and Flying Battery.

Make pop-tops like in Oil Ocean.

Make those vertical hang pulleys like in Hot Crater and Coral Cave.

Make actual cloud sprites that the players can bounce on.

Make vikings/knights that move their swords up and down.(Perfect for Castle Eggman)

Make a lighting bridge that Appears for 5 seconds then dissapears then repeats like in Techno Base.

Let tails and knuckles be super in single player mode.

Change Red Volcano act 1 ending.

Make a spinning disk that the players can ride on like in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Make extra enmies for Mario mode like Boo, Koopas and the Caterpillars.

Make a 3D Knothole Base zone.

Make shatteting things like falling spikes and icicles and rocks.

Let Z-Dooms float and move around in water,lava and oil.

Let Doom Ship Zone have Voice sounds and Warnings.

Thats about all I have for now, hopefully these can work and I can try to think of more soon.
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Old 07-20-2008   #679


I don't know if this has already been suggested, but how about an addition to the S_SKIN1 lump that makes it so that whenever the character is spinning with the spin button, it does the spin trail, no matter what speed the character is going.
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Old 07-21-2008   #680

A per-map scripting langauge, like ACS in Hexen.

Here's a script that's based off of ACS's structure.

script 1 (void) \\The first script of the map. (void) means it has to be activated by something, like a line.
{ \\Starts the actual script
  L106(5, 0, 5, 0); \\L106 stands for Linedef Type 106; aka Move Sector Floor. It goes (tag, floor height, speed, and flags). The first three are hopefully self explainatory, however flags are 64 equal to NOCLIMB while the special is used on a linedef, while 2 is equal to BLOCKMONSTERS. They can be combined for the effect, just like normal.
  wait; \\Waits until the previous special is done, then continues.
  L107(6, 512, 32, 64) \\Move Sector Ceiling. See Move Sector Floor for parameters, obviously.
  terminate; \\Stops the script from looping. While this has no effect on the map if it loops, if could mess with performance.
} \\Closes the script.

script 2 (void) ect.
While all this demonstrates is making a switch that opens a door without control sectors, or atleast as many, I could demonstrate something hard/impossible to do with control sectors. Oh, and the \\'s mark comments until the next line.
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