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Finally coming around to voting on the Single Player maps, and there is a good amount that I hope to keep on seeing in future contests.

Seraphic Skylands Zone > Sand Valley Zone 1 > Glacier Gear Zone > Clock Tower Zone > Floral Road Zone 1 > Egg Outpost Zone > Sacred Woodland Zone > Midnight Caves Zone > Emerald Lake Zone 2

Well, since I am focused on other things and forget to come back I will just write out the full reviews of each stages in order as soon as I can. I already jotted down notes when I first played them. The first 5 or 6 may end up being the most extensive ones.

Seraphic Skylands Zone

Well, this was definitely something. This stage has a lot going for it and it succeeds at being one of the best 2.1 levels around not only in this contest, but on the forum as well. This stage alone made me go back to multiple times, I had to push this one back until I played the other stages a few more times. At first it felt to me like that this stage while solidly built just had the most impressive visuals. It did not leave that great of an impression on me at first. Compared to a couple of the other stages I played I thought that this stage was just not that involved, but one thing that changed is the one thing that caused to make me enjoy it the more I played through it. How easy it is to get back to. This is definitely one of the most solidly built levels of the contest if not the most solidly built.

It is amazing how much detail went towards this level. You really set the bar high with this one. As stated earlier the visuals are most impressive visuals I have seen around in this contest. The Rusty Ruins Zone Saturn theme you used hear helped give off the feeling that you are indeed playing through skylands with a mystical appeal. The effort you put forth truly shines in this stage. The texture combinations help the transition from area to area to feel very smooth. Progressing from an open area with cliffs and trees to a cavern as well as from the cavern to temple. What else I was able to find that the paths do cross over a bit the more times I played. I thought that that was really neat. What I especially was fond of was how each area can remembered by the challenges they contained. It started out real basic with platforming involving the cliffs and the trees to venturing inside a cavern that introduces ice, wind currents and spikes, and it eventually ends with the temple area using both the wind currents and spikes in its own way while bringing its own set of challenges. While there the stage remains really light on the hazards how you had the challenges set up more than made up for that. Heavier amounts of hazards were not needed at all. The hidden areas were, well, creatively hidden. There were some obvious ones while others I did not even think I would come across at all. I am definitely be coming back to this for a good while. How well Seraphic Skylands Zone is designed makes it so very easy to go back to. It made really hard to go back to certain other stages in the contest.

The only things that I thought could have been better handled was that one area where it seems that you need either Tails or Knuckles to reach since Sonic can easily reach the path that leads to it and how the cavern area could have included some other sort of challenge since compared to the other areas it too me felt the weakest gameplay-wise. Other than those two things I honestly do not see too much wrong with this stage. It was a strong entry that left a lasting impression on me. It is one the top examples on how to build a solid stage.

Sand Valley Zone 1

I have to be truthful here. I had a bit bias with this one since it was a really fun desert level and I am a huge fan of stage gimmicks. Once I got to this stage I absolutely loved the atmosphere with the mine setting and all. This stage is really up there in design, I can find myself going back to from time to time. In Sonic games I never really care too much desert stages as I find them lacking. Sand Valley was refreshing to me. I really enjoyed the ideas that this stage had going for it. Not only as a desert stage was this level fun, it was also fun to play through in general. It is not too often that I find a desert stage that even beats out other stages that include some of my favorite level themes. I like Sand Valley Zone 1 a whole lot more than the entirety of Sandopolis Zone. This level truly wowed me the first couple of times I played it.

You really did a fantastic job getting the setting down. With how the rooms were set up, with the ideas that were put into them, and with how you made the atmosphere. This kind of desert level is solidly built and was well thought out. The music really set the tone of the whole stage from the starting area to the end. The environment is made to feel like you are in an arid valley that is partially a mine too. The skybox definitely helps this stage. Each of the sections have obstacles that match the area that they are in. The sand falls work in the outside areas in the beginning areas of the stage for the most part. They are fairly simplistic to get a hang of an they are introduced well enough. The dark sand is a gimmick that I thought was a nice addition and does get well introduced. I really like how the boxes sink into the dark sand, it is an unique challenge that could have been used more and even expanded upon. You get the danger of falling in across while offering a way for players to get out safely. The mine sections really are something with the crushers, dark falling sand, and layout. The introduction of the regular falling sand was really nice. A safe little area where you are not punished too harshly with a pit or anything. The enemy placement to me was fair. They offered a challenge and did not feel too intrusive. The only offender I can think of were the Detons near the end of the Knuckles' path, mainly because they are chase not starting far from you while you are trying make sure not too get dragged down in the dark sand. I will say that said section does take some practice and timing to get through; I later figured out that it is possible to get through without having to stop. Speaking of the Knuckles' path, it truly was a thrill. This map by far had my favorite Knuckles path out of any of the levels. How you encouraged to use gliding to the fullest is and fall the crumbling walls are used for interesting challenges has me sold.

A couple areas that were glaring to me were the large area where both sand falls alternate and the large sand fall room. The first section feels fairly empty and drags on. The main reason why it is an issue is not only because it is slow but because of how it is tedious. What would help this room if it was not designed around having players jump between alternating sand falls that they may not be able to see clearly and designed more towards pushing players to walk through the sand falls like the one where you can walk around in on a column does in this very same area near the end. While spindashing is an option, the section still feels tedious and often times it does not feel much more useful. It would make for a far more interesting and enjoyable challenge. The large area with the colossal falling sand could be reworked a bit. The main problems I have with this one are the fact that chances are you are likely to have only dealt with the falling sand once, in a much safer area no less, and how the gap is too large. It is a challenge that comes more as unfair than a truly difficult challenge as you would have to rapidly jump, being more likely to lose access to your thok as Sonic. To me the section breaks up the flow too much and can get irritating as movement otherwise is fairly limited and it is more likely to be set my mind to jab the jump button repeatedly due to the previous sections. This is a solid level, but could use a bit more work to be the most solid and enjoyable level around. It is already really enjoyable and fairly solid, it just need to take a few more steps to be the best around.

Glacier Gear Zone

Definitely a surprise. When I saw this I thought Frozen Factory Zone with more factory, but then again this is more of its own thing and from what I read this was around before then since this map was in the 2.0. Unless you stated explicitly what were your inspirations, which I may have missed never having played the 2.0 level and never have read the reviews for the levels until I finish my own. From the ideas used and the fact that this is an improvement from a previous map of yours from the 2.0 days already says that quite a bit of creativity went into this. I definitely like how you went about an ice factory level. While ice levels normally came off as plain or too similar to me your level has stood out more than others have.

What I do like about this stage is how it fits the theme very well. An industrial ice base with a security system is nice theme when done well, and in this contest it was well made. I cannot really say much more about the looks of the stage over except for that it works. It is fairly standard. I really liked the inclusion of the different ideas used. Seeing the Wacky Workbench bouncing tiles being used is a plus since they fit with a level like this. What I especially like about them is how that they can electrocute you underwater, which makes for a nice challenge that can lead to a host of different ideas for other challenges. The falling water and the bouncing tile is a notable section in regards of putting to ideas together in an unique way. The idea using them to bounce wall to wall is one that I thought was an idea that can also lead to other interesting challenges if implemented correctly. They work okay for the most part in certain sections, like when scaling up walls by bouncing off of them. The one idea I especially liked that thought stood out a lot as well was the usage of security lasers. The security gimmick shows a couple of ways that it can be applied to a stage and leaves room for a whole slew of ideas for other stages that decide to involve avoiding triggering traps. What was also great about it was how it was used in conjunction with the bounce tiles early on in the stage. The two ideas complement each other really well here. The slime sections are fairly harmless in this stage. They do not take away from the stage, but at the same time they do not add anything outside of the 2D section. The 2D section also was notable for adding interesting challenges with the three ideas. It was The penguins were definitely something, did not expect them to pack so much heat. At points they can be harsh, but they still make for a great challenge. With them it would be advisable to ensure that they are not used in especially aggravating places, they can do a good job at sniping you from somewhere when you least expect in a couple of areas.

While I do like the stage overall and the ideas it brings, there are points where some areas could use some work. While there are a couple of areas that could land you on a different path with enough skill and others that allow you to just blast straight through a section if done right, there are parts all through out that gives off a kind of gauntlet feel similar to ERZ, which to me does not do this level that much service. It is mainly due to how much it breaks up the flow of the level if you are not that experienced at the level. For sections like the ones that involve bouncing up to an higher section or involve bouncing off of walls are the ones that come to mind the most in this regard. In some parts having another section to be part of a slower route with another type of challenge for those who have to practice more to stay on the higher route is one way to go about it. This way one would not have to spend so much time on a single challenge that will be tired out in one run while encouraging multiple playthroughs to shave down time through practicing staying on the higher route. The sections that use the Wacky Workbench tiles as walls come to mind in, the one with the glass mainly. It is very easy to lose control and bounce straight up into laser ceiling. On multiple different times I played through this section has been either a hit or miss. Near the end of the zone seeing how you can use the slime to launch high shows how it is could be better implemented if it encourages you to test different strategies to getting through this stage. I honestly do not have much complaints about too many other sections of the level, just mainly certain areas that appeared to have a gauntlet design to me.

Clock Tower Zone

Speaking of surprises, this had to be the biggest one. A 2D level that introduces a big game-changer to how 2D levels can be made in SRB2. The 2D Axis. Your stage chooses the right type of theme to demonstrate this on top of it all. I am a HUGE fan of 2D levels, but there has not been too many I can think of in SRB2 that were great except for a few. I had a real enjoyable time playing through this one. It has encouraged me to go back to revisit some past ideas I had for stages (if I can make enough time to make one and stop pushing it off when I do have time). This makes me want to see more from 2D stages in SRB2. Seeing the 2D Axis get coded in a future version would be a big plus in my eyes, if it is possible and if it is any of the priorities that is. Hopefully more 2D stages may get made since they can be more dynamic now with the 2D Axis.

Clock Towers from start brings in one thing after another, starting out with the bouncing chain bridge and the first 2D Axis point. I really like the set pieces used here. The clocks, the pendulums, and the the gears were well done and give off a feeling of being inside of a clock tower. The secrets throughout the level are well hidden and encourages making use of the different mechanics at work. The bouncing chains are used through out the level and have a prominent role in the level, which is a huge plus. Seeing properly working popping spikes caught me by surprise honestly; although, it is a shame that they are not used much of anywhere else at all if they were only used in that one area. The progression throughout the stage is top-notch. What I like most about it is how it all eventually builds up to the last section of this level with that huge climb upwards.

Some sections could be fleshed out more, one that comes to mind are the disappearing planks. The tower sequence right after those two disappearing planks is another area that comes to mind that could have used more ideas to give it more of a unique and interesting feel. Using some of the ideas that were underused would help it out quite a bit like the disappearing planks. Even using combinations that were not used together would be beneficial since this looks like it is a single act zone. The Egg Guards are really do not work well in 2D stages, at all. They move too erratically and barely cooperate with you anyways. Using a custom enemy that had a different type of shield that is not nearly as annoying as theirs would have worked better. The circular path in the beginning with the Egg Guard, Facestabber, and Robo-Hood could use some more work. One thing that did not sit right with me is how you have to progress using a spring you could overshoot and miss, finding yourself going in a complete circle until you get it right. Some more basic platforming would work fine here. The section where you have to jump from platform to platform downwards could have used the 2D Axis treatment. At first I was thinking that level was depending too much on them, but this was one of the sections that could have used it. Not as a complete circular section much, but something closer to the end areas, except shorter.

Floral Road Zone 1

Not only an introductory stage that is well built, but one that eludes to what may be an interesting level pack with its own modifications through the use of LUA. This has me looking forward to more of the level pack. This is definitely an improvement from other maps that I saw from you. I am going to sound like a fan of everything at this point, but I really do like when custom material like level packs try to differentiate themselves by including its own type of system. The level up system is something that I definitely like to see expanded upon, since the different ring box types were included especially. This definitely is a nice way to stand out from other stages in my opinion.

Like I said before it is a solidly built level that can work as an intro stage. I especially like the texturing, it is bright and the areas do not clash with each other. The music was definitely a nice call, one of my favorite tunes. It fits with this level. The length is fair and progression is kind of what you would expect from your standard Green Hill Zone-type stage. The stat system is definitely something that I would like to see expanded upon in the future. If worked on some more and has solid levels that encourage having it can lead to giving your level pack something that makes it a bit more different than others mechanic-wise as opposed to just on the level design side. Red Crawlas being a bit more different than Blue Crawlas by having 2 hit points as opposed to just being faster is a plus for a first level. It could use more to it even for a first stage enemy, possibly getting pushed backwards when getting hit then charging at you.

Not necessarily a huge demerit to the level, but compared to others does not really do much new. Being too basic can hurt this map in a contest. Definitely think of ideas that may work in a level like this one outside of mechanics specific to your level pack. The ring boxes could always be better implemented. The idea of having various types of ring boxes could work, but how they are placed and seeing as you only get one stat reward from collecting 30 rings they come off as pointless. Maybe more stat bonuses could better complement this idea. Having the level design better compliment this system is a must so that it does not come off as an addition that is just there to be there.

Egg Outpost Zone


I honestly hate to do leave things as bullet points, but the contest is already over at this point and I at least hope you will consider the points. Put this off too long due to other obligations. But I will say that this stage does show promise as it has a host of ideas that can work for a level, but could work better on implementation.

+Neat combination of zone ideas
+Leaves room to give come up with interesting challenges
+Gets into neat ideas like the electric floor
+Cave areas catches onto something interesting
-Gets bland and easy to get lost in
-…almost entirely pointless when other path is much quicker and easier to transverse
-Could do better combining themes (Good Future Palmtree Panic). Sections could mesh together better from design aspect as far as progression too.
-Too much dependence on springs in certain sections
-Some areas in larger rooms sometimes do not reach where you would expect them to. Not very good at indicating where the player should go as result.
-Crowded often times; could use a bit more open area in the hallway areas.
-Large room with the switch can get aggravating when returning to the main path
-More breathing room as better indicator for first blue mushroom or so.
-After hitting switch or close by section off from previous section to prevent strenuous return
-Make upper path to make a tad more of the section avoidable if not taking lower path (encourage skill). Adding a few other ways of getting through the upper path would help as well. Make sure not too many ideas are stacked on one path.

Sacred Woodland Zone

Sacred Woodland Zone

+Neat jungle level
+Atmospheric with the transitions and the music
+Ideas mesh well
+Fire spewing Robo-Hoods
-Flames stay there indefinitely, blocking pathways often (an issue with the blue spring)
=Brak Eggman was unexpected, not a strike against the level, but feels a bit unfitting as is.
-Might want to check the room with the skull in the floor with flames in its eyes, missing texture.
-Throughout the level a lot of the jumps require seemingly nearly the most vertical height you can get as Sonic; might want to adjust some footings to make them more reachable
-It is just a whole lot shorter than I expected to be. Not a bad level, but it does not rally have too many ideas that I could easily say should or could be expanded upon.

Midnight Caves Zone

+Texturing works, for the most part
+Caves are designed well
-The underwater cave could have certain areas work on to give better direction
+Does fair at branching paths
-Really short and often feels very empty

Emerald Lake Zone 2

+Definitely something. An okay attempt at an Emerald Hill Zone like stage.
+Framework is evident and works for the most part.
-Left pathway Tails and Knuckles exclusive? Not a way to start the level.
-Sonic is forced to go on the first underwater route.
-Save underwater routes for a cave section farther down in the level.
-Works better if made optional, off the main path(s).
-The textures are an eyesore
-The structuring does not help; areas like the left path that Sonic cannot reach in the beginning is an example of decent level design for a level like this
-Could take some more from the more open areas much like the one at the beginning of the stage where Sonic cannot reach; things look kind crowded in some areas or just flat out uninteresting.

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i don't remember this
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I've changed my votes to reflect how I feel about Glacier Gear as of now.
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Added my Multiplayer votes but no reviews. In my opinion, I think the multiplayer maps for this contest were kinda uninteresting this time around or flat out bad. Probably because I was spoiled on what the Single Player division had to offer this time. Some of the maps were good like CoatRack's Techno Laser Act 4 or Knux576's Moonlit Precipice Zone. Others were downright horrible like Root's and CyanFox's Wtf? CTF. There should be some quality control in the next OLDC but that seems impossible because this contest is to show off your work and to get criticism, but shit like Wtf? CTF are a big waste of time.

Anyways, here's my updated post:
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lord of gradius music
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SP votes buahaha; beware my weird opinions and bad attempts at critique

1. Glacier Gear
Absolute favorite map from this SP division. The level's structure and routes are set up very well, the bounce pads are used in cool ways (especially underwater), and there's a 2D section that doesn't feel completely pointless! The visuals are also well-done, and Knuckles not being able to climb on metal was a clever addition. The trap-lasers were a bit ambiguous in purpose at first, but are actually pretty interesting, and the waddaleks are also kind of annoying (okay they're really annoying) but I suppose it's good to have an enemy that isn't scenery that moves. Squaring off with that secret boss was nice, too.

2. Cock Towers
Very nice from a technical standpoint; I predict that the kirby 64-style axis2D will be a great thing for level designers; I know I'll probably use it! The egg guards were kind of obnoxious, but other than that I didn't have much trouble dealing with the enemies.

3. Seraphic Skylands
Definitely has the best visuals out of the SP division; the music, scenery and low difficulty makes it a very relaxing experience. My only complaint is that the lack of enemies and aforementioned easiness makes it feel slightly uneventful, but it's still a fun level. Needs more pain elementals though.

4. Sand Valley
I had a lot of fun playing this one. The quickquicksand didn't bother me as much as it did others, the visuals are nice (especially those wooden bar midtextures) and there's a fun Knuckles path. The deton placement is pretty gross though, and the spindash platforms aren't explained well enough for such a common level object, though they're fine once you figure out how to actually use them.

5. Floral Road
This is for a level pack, am I right? It's cute and good for what it is, I suppose; a short, simple first level type of thing. It's very average, but it's not bad at all, though I do think there should've been more stuff to do. I don't have much else to say about this map.

On a non-level design related note, I like how the red crawlas take two hits to kill in this.

6. Egg Outposts
I like the song in this level but it doesn't fit the colorful jungle environment at all. This level is kind of below average but I still enjoyed it. The layout is really strange and confusing at times, and that optional cave room with the crystals is extremely dark; the crystals should've been placed in ways that guide the player instead of being all over the place. Deton placement could also use improvement.

7. Sacred Woodland
The visuals are decent. That's the biggest praise I can give this level; it's neither great nor abysmally awful. I don't know why the teleporters are there; the transitions could've been done without them; furthermore, the teleporters aren't smooth and stop you dead in your tracks when you activate them, which kills the immersion suddenly Brak

8. Midnight Caves
This is a stage that was very plain. It makes me think of maps from the 1.09.4 days, with the crawlas and that hyper-realistic rock texture and the vast open expanses of nothing. I didn't care much for this level but it's not bad, it's just very...well, mundane. Also the spot where the emerald token is would've been a better spot for the exit signpost.

9. Emerald Lake
Like Midnight Caves, this level isn't horrible, it's just unremarkable. It is composed entirely of large, empty rooms with enemies that don't really do anything, and unlike Egg Outposts, it doesn't even seem like effort was put into it. The map gives an Elemental Shield to the player right at the start of an underwater section, completely negating the challenges associated with that kind of hazard unless the player somehow gets hurt by something. The fake slopes and insurmountable fence at the beginning don't contribute anything to the gameplay; the addition of an unfinished draft of the map as a secret seems especially pointless. The map also has a problem with crashing; I don't know if it's the map's fault or just me though.

Also the fish look like they want to drown.

I might revise these later, don't know yet
something goes here

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Trolo Bobo
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Voting time, I guess.

1. Glacier Gear Zone by toaster -> 10/10. I just loved this stage. Many things were awesome (the penguin enemies, the design, the mini-boss, etc.). Liked the combination of 2D platforming, the slime and bounce pads in the same room. Just awesome.

2. Clock Tower Zone by RedEnchilada and Pac -> 9.30/10. The theme of the level fits perfectly with what kinds of things you could do with 2D Axis. It is a cool level, but the way you used those enemies makes me rage internally.

3. Seraphic Skylands Zone by Spherallic -> 9/10. This level made me replay it a few times, so I could explore it more. It has a lot of details that makes it visually awesome, and that skybox is just WOW.

4. Sand Valley Zone by Chrome -> 8/10. Firstly, I want to thank you because you put that life and armaggedon shield before that annoying room with the huge falling sand. I was really confused how to activate those platforms that move up, but I found out how to use them when I accidentally hit the spin key. It uses the quick sand gimmick very well, but is harder than I thought it will be.

5. Midnight Caves Zone by Chaobrother -> 7.50. It was a bit short, but it had many cool parts. Nothing special, but I'll encourage you to use some gimmicks next time because it looks quite simple compared to how complex the others are.

6. Egg Outposts Zone by Tyrannic-> 6.90. It is hard as hell and the part with the darkness is really confusing, but you combined lasers, jungle themed platforming and chains very well.

7. Sacred Woodland by HAPPYFOX-> 6.50. The boss at the end was unexpected. Lovely lilly pads, horrible teleporters. Pretty average map.

8. Emerald Lake Zone, Act 2 by glaber-> 6/10. It was the first map I played and really feels like the first map of this contest. I liked how the level ends right were it began.

9. Floral Road Zone, Act 1 by "Lat'"-> 5.50. Very, very simple and short. Looks very much like Emerald Lake, maybe because of the textures.


1. Climate Chaos Zone by EvilEternity3000 -> 10/10. Awesome map. Very detailed and it's very hard to get bored of it because every climate has it's gimmicks. Nice.

2. Moonlit Precipice by Knux576 -> 9/10. Reminds me of Jade Valley Zone. Again, very detailed. Great stage.

3. Crystal Coast Zone by Steel Titanium -> 5/10. WOW. This map is bland and simple in every possible way. This stage consists in a bunch of large, empty rooms thrown together and most of them have only one texture. Sorry but no.


1. Techno Laser 4 by CoatRack -> 10/10. Definetly my favourite ctf map from this contest. A lot of good things in this level, but some spawn points are next to a death pit, So it's easy to die there.

2. Old Sport Zone Act 1922: New Money vs Old Money by Jellybones and Eblo -> 9.50/10 Nice level design, awesome skybox, bad music choice. A fun level overall.

3. Forbidden Woods Zone by the cyan -> 8/10 -> It's a good map and I don't actually find
any flaws, but still not better than the two above.

4. Quicksand Caverns Zone by RedEnchilada-> 7.50/10 -> The quick sand combined with death pits is kind of unforgiving, but it's designed very well.

5. Wtf? Ctf by Root and CyanFox -> 7/10 -> Short, colorful and random.
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a.k.a. sphere
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I've updated this post with changed votes and reviews for the single player levels.
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ms reflec beat stan
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Originally Posted by Fawfulfan View Post
EDIT: Yes I can actually. I've played this level several times and I've come to the conclusion that it's unplayable as Knux. The areas after the path split trap you or demand impossible jumps, and gliding/climbing is impossible due to the aforementioned glide quirk. So I still think this is one of the most innovative levels I've seen in ages, but I can't give it first place because these are serious flaws.
That's an issue with analog mode. Turn it off for Cock Towers pls
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The Tortured Planet guy
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Originally Posted by RedEnchilada View Post
That's an issue with analog mode. Turn it off for Cock Towers pls
Ok, I'm restoring those points in light of that.
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I did a vote thingy.

Spoiler: Single Player
1. Seraphic Skylands Zone by Spherallic - It's pretty oh so pretty
2. Clock Tower Zone by RedEnchilada and Pac - Fun level layout and excellent use of 2DAxis
3. Glacier Gear Zone by toaster - Laser penguins suck but the rest is awesome
4. Sand Valley Zone by Chrome - Cool use of quicksand to get around
5. Egg Outposts Zone by Tyrannic - Lots of cool ideas that just need better execution to work well
6. Sacred Woodland by HAPPYFOX - Kinda pretty, but also really confusing at the start
7. Midnight Caves Zone by Chaobrother - Forgettable, but still nice to play through
8. Floral Road Zone, Act 1 by "Lat'" - I liked the vibrant colors used here, though the level design is eh
9. Emerald Lake Zone, Act 2 by glaber - R I P MOTOBUG

Spoiler: Match
1. Climate Chaos Zone by EvilEternity3000 - Cool weather effects that change up how to get around
2. Moonlit Precipice Zone by Knux576 - Pretty but also pretty standard and also has flying grass edges
3. Crystal Coast Zone by Steel Titanium - where are the crystals where is the coast

Spoiler: CTF
1. Forbidden Woods Zone by the cyan - Awesome level layout and tons of ways to flank the opposite base
2. Techno Laser 4 by CoatRack - Hooray for shrinking in a shooter gametype
3. Quicksand Caverns Zone by RedEnchilada - Quicksand gets a little too annoying at times
4. Old Sport Zone Act 1922: New Money vs Old Money by Jellybones and Eblo - Would be cooler if players could throw hats
5. Wtf? Ctf by Root and CyanFox - no pancake 0/10
Originally Posted by Speedwagon
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Just a reminder for people who haven't voted yet. The deadline is Tuesday, July 15 at 7:00 PM EST. Can't wait to see the results.
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I have updated this post: with the match and ctf maps.
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As yet another reminder, the deadline is in approximately 48 hours. If you want to be counted, you need to have posted your vote BEFORE the deadline. Votes that are even one second past the deadline will NOT be counted, so to assure you'll be counted, vote early and don't put it off until the last minute.

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Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
approximately 24 hours
Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
Voting will end July 15, 2014 at 7 PM local time in the Eastern time zone of the United States.
It actually ends in 48 hours unless the deadline in the first post is wrong.

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Aha. You're quite right. I'm clearly still asleep.
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I should've did this earlier but I forgot thanks to a few weather related things and steam & such getting in the way...

***Single Player***

Name: Clock Towers
Author(s): RedEnchilada and Pac
Comments: This map takes 2D Mode to a whole new level. With 2D Axis this opens up a door to making 2D Levels interesting. While the level is alright and all the Egg Guards kinda tend to be annoying but after discovering that "one" thing with them in one of the earlier test builds. Not going to drop it down. Also I never had any problems with the Robo-Hoods since generally they try to snipe you and well... it's hard to hit a moving target, no?


Name: Seraphic Skylands
Author(s): Spherallic
Comments: Very good visuals and a likeable skybox which reminds me of Jumping Flash. There was a tiny framerate drop in the starting area and I think this level would have major framerate drops on older PCs. I'll have to check on that though.


Name: Sand Valley
Author(s): Chrome
Comments: Your skybox has a HOM *Or rather a flashing red/black texture for those using HOMREMOVAL 2* which is noticeable. Anyway... the very quicksand gimmick wasn't that bad being that I'm good at button mashing to get out of it and with it being my first time playing through the map as Sonic... only died once. I liked the section where the path splits where you have to stay in the light quicksand and climb your way up to get through it and there's also that Knuckles pathway which was rather fun to go through.


Name: Glacier Gear Zone
Author(s): toaster
Comments: Quite a stage with blue lasers that causes bad stuff to happen and bouncy platforms here and there, especially the wall jumps although one wall jump section gave me a lot of trouble at first and it's not the one in the 2D Area. There also appears to be a boss in the map due to the Boss HUD detecting it but can't seem to find it.


Name: Midnight Caves Zone
Author(s): Chaobrother
Comments: A average map, nothing special though besides a 2D Area.


Name: Sacred Woodland Zone
Author(s): HAPPYFOX
Comments: It appears Robo-Hoods got a upgrade to Fire Arrows instead of just plain old Arrows. By the way... does the fire from these ever disappear because at one part a fire blocked a blue spring and I was forced to take a hit just to use the spring. The section where there is a button along with trapgoyles have near-impossible to see spikeballs and that's not good when they blend in with the textures.


Name: Floral Road Zone
Author(s): "Lat'"
Comments: Collect Rings to up your stats, otherwise a fairly simple map and that Bronze through Gold Ring Boxes and such.


Name: Egg Outposts Zone
Author(s): Tyrannic
Comments: Seems rather tight in some places and for that one section where you have to climb up and swing along chains... it takes just one mistake whether it be a snipe from a turret or missing a jump to start all over again in the room. Also the checkpoint in there is badly placed since if you die/retry the level you're FORCED to backtrack as you need to press down that switch again to turn off the blue laser.


Name: Emerald Lake Zone
Author(s): glaber
Comments: A rather simple map, not much to say about this.
GraphicX8000 will return... when I'm actually not lazy with finishing it.

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Gonna get this out of the way and update it for real later.

1.) Sand Valley Zone by Chrome

2.) Seraphic Skylands Zone by Spherallic

3.) Glacier Gear Zone by toaster

4.) Clock Tower Zone by RedEnchilada and Pac

5.) Sacred Woodland by HAPPYFOX

6.) Floral Road Zone, Act 1 by "Lat'"

7.) Egg Outposts Zone by Tyrannic

8.) Midnight Caves Zone by Chaobrother

9Emr==ald La[ke Zke, At 2 by glabs
[spoil=]ReV|3W CO23IdNG 50ON[/soiler]
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Single Player OLDC Votes

1. Sand Valley
2. Glacier Gear
3. Clock Towers
4. Sacred Woodlands
5. Seraphic Skylands
6. Floral Road
7. Emerald Lake
8. Egg Outposts
9. Midnight Caves


I've also done play through's / commentaries on all of the single player maps:

Clock Towers Zone:

Egg Outposts Zone:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Emerald Lake Zone:

Floral Road Zone:

Glacier Gear Zone:

Midnight Caves Zone:

Sacred Woodlands Zone:

Sand Valley Zone:

Seraphic Skylands Zone:

Match and CTF OLDC Votes


1. Moonlit Precipice Zone
2. Climate Chaos Zone
3. Crystal Coast Zone


1. Forbidden Woods Zone
2. Old Sport Zone
3. Quicksand Caverns Zone
4. Techno Laser 4
5. wtfctf....

Youtuber over 50,000 Subs:

Twitter: @ThatSrb2DUDE

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I'm really happy to finally see gameplay footage of my own stage, (Yeah, I've never played my stage with other players) so I really have to thank you for those videos DUDE, it's just amazing.

EDIT: My map looks very ugly in OpenGL :(

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I'm only doing Match and CTF maps:

Match: Moonlit Precipice > Climate Chaos > Crystal Coast
CTF: Forbidden Woods > Old Sport > Techno Laser > Quicksand Caverns > Wtf? Ctf


Crystal Coast: 3/10

Okay, I'm gonna be honest here. The map while big, can be fun at the start, but overtime, it begins to get really boring. I have a list of complaints about this map. First, there's a lack of scenery. The trees in the meadow area are part of the scenery, but the lack of objects (such as Sunflowers) make it look bland. The coastal area is another prime example because all it features is a pseudo-mountainside. The factory area is just empty, and so is the Tidal Palace Zone-themed area. The second complaint I have is that there are some Ring Panels and single Weapon Rings that aren't floating. The Rail Ring inside the miniscule waterfall is an example. One more thing, why does the water in the meadow area kill you rather than having a bottom with springs in it? It should've acted like the two lakes in Meadow Match Zone, and according to some users on the MB, this level looks like a first map.

Moonlight Precipice: 9/10

This map is good. The only thing I found is that the middle textures aren't lined up with the sector height. Be sure to double check this next time.

Climate Chaos: 8/10

This map is a good example of changing weather without causing sync-fails. I don't really have anything to say about it, other than the fact it is good.


Old Sport: 7/10

The map, while good in design, can get slightly boring. The bases where the players have to stand guard are too big, and flag capturers can get lost. The Blue and Red Team Rings are placed in the bedrooms in the opposite bases, and they do not work that way. I've also found a Gargoyle in the map that was supposed to function as the time of day and weather. It didn't function like it was supposed to, and when sunset reappears, it doesn't stop raining until it's nightfall again. The last phenomena was an earthquake. Was it intended to distract the other players or was it a visual?

Quicksand Caverns: 5/10

The map is okay in visuals and design, but the map itself is bland in terms of scenery. The caves in both team sections lack scenery. There should be scenery objects such as cactuses, like the ones in the middle and team bases, tumbleweed, and some stalactites and stalagmites. The main problem of the map is how the quicksand functions. It should act like quicksand in Burning Sands (from 2.0), and many other desert levels, because this type of quicksand asphyxiates players who stay in the quicksand too long.

Forbidden Woods: 9/10

This map is fairly impressive. I liked how the bases looked, and the connecting area between them. This map would be great for hide-and-seek.

Wtf? Ctf: 1/10

This is THE worst CTF map I've ever played. It is too simple, and the overuse of color textures can really hurt players' eyes. The map also has a lack of Rail Rings, which call for easy pickings due to how close the bases are. I already said this map is simple, but I forgot to add that it calls for a huge thokfest for Sonic players. At first, the map seems easy, but the repetition can get boring really fast. Plus, the Blue Team (Waffle) base is very broken, because players have to jump on top of the butter just to capture the flag, and the pancakes suffer the same thing the bases suffer. My other complaint is that it does not have all of the Weapon Rings. While the Infinity, Automatic, Scatter, Grenade, and Explosion Rings exist, it suffers from Bounce and Rail Ring Panels, and the Infinity Ring is only exclusive to the Blue Team. The other thing that the team bases lack is their corresponding flags so that players could tell whose base is whose. Overall, it's a pretty pathetic map that needs to be worked on.

Techno Laser Zone 4: 7/10

The level's got a fair amount of visuals. Players can easily get lost on their first time playing this level. I also like how the level can give some
players advantages where they can hide from other players, and this even protect players who have the flags on hand. This map is fun to play in once you get used to it. Keep up the good work, CoatRack!
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Originally Posted by Kart Driver View Post
I've also found a Gargoyle in the map that was supposed to function as the time of day and weather. It didn't function like it was supposed to, and when sunset reappears, it doesn't stop raining until it's nightfall again. The last phenomena was an earthquake. Was it intended to distract the other players or was it a visual?
Ah yes, I actually totally forgot about the scrapped gargoyle box. In a stroke of inspiration, I started a "proof of concept" weather changing mechanism. This happened when the map was otherwise mostly completed, so Jellybones and I decided that we should preserve the idea for another level down the line. Naturally, this would have paralleled the symbolic weather found within the novelórain that reflects the downpour of Gatsby and Daisy's heartfelt reunion, heat waves which mimic the rising tension between the story's cheating couples, and an additional set of earthquakes which we felt created a palpable, sensory motion that allowed the player to more easily connect with the strain and stress that the dying economy of the Roaring Twenties wrought to stock sellers.

By pure coincidence, a match level ended up utilizing this exact function.
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