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Default SRB2: The Zero Ring (scr_ZeroRing.wad)

Eggman had been defeated countless times by Sonic – so many times, in fact, that he has lost track of the number of plans that Sonic had managed to foil. But this time, he came up with an idea. "What if... he had no rings at all to protect himself from my minions?"

Realising this, Eggman started construction of a space station, with the intent of using it to suck all of the rings off of Mobius. By doing so, he hoped that Sonic wouldn’t stand a chance. But what is the name of this space station?

Eggman called it "Zero Ring".

Using Zero Ring, Eggman was able to suck Mobius virtually dry of all rings. Although it wasn't 100% effective, Zero Ring managed to remove all but a couple of rings from every Zone on Mobius. But then, Eggman learned of a special ring, said to lie on the very edge of the universe...

When Sonic learned of Eggman's plan, he dashed into action - just as Eggman had hoped. But, while Zero Ring had sucked dry nearly all rings; it had no effect on the monitors that lay across Mobius - except for those that carried rings.

And so, Sonic's biggest, most hardest challenge starts. Can he survive the challenges that lay ahead? Only time will tell...
Zones in The Zero Ring:

(Map 01) Sea Gate (Single Act) – The starting Zone, just outside of Green Hill Zone. Here, you will learn the basics, plus crucial survival tips if you want to make it through The Zero Ring.

(Map H1) ??? (Main HUB) – The first HUB, this area allows you to choose which Zones you want to explore. At first, only Green Hill (and Sea Gate, the tutorial zone) are open, but as you defeat Eggman in each Zone, new Zones open up. And, each Zone has three doors – one for each Act, and one for the Boss. At the end of the HUB are two doors. Once you defeat Eggman in each of the seven zones, the first door will open, allowing you to go to Zero Ring and finish Eggman, but will only get you the normal ending. However, if you have all seven Emeralds, instead the other door will open, allowing you to go to Zero Ring, and go on for the best ending.

(Map 02 – 04) Green Hill (Two Acts + Boss) – Green Hill, the home of Sonic and co., is the first main zone. There are few of Eggman's robots, but never have Crawlas been so dangerous - just one hit could cause you to lose a life! Luckily, there are many Monitors that can help you out - but try and save some of them for when you REALLY need them!

(Map 05 – 07) (Need to beat Eggman once) ??? (Two Acts + Boss)

(Map 08 – 10) (Need to beat Eggman twice) ??? (Two Acts + Boss)

(Map 11 – 13) (Need to beat Eggman twice) Sky Highway (Two Acts + Boss) – High in the sky, Sky Highway was originally an idea for a Zone in the (scrapped) 1.09.4 mod “SRB2: The Emerald Quest”. But now, it returns as a complete Zone in The Zero Ring. Here, you are just as in danger of falling as you are being hit by Eggman’s robots, and some extra lives and shields are on platforms floating off the beaten track! Also, when fighting Eggman here, do try and not fall to your doom!

(Map 14 – 16) (Need to beat Eggman three times) ??? (Two Acts + Boss)

(Map 17 – 19) (Need to beat Eggman four times) ??? (Two Acts + Boss)

(Map 20 – 22) (Need to beat Eggman six times) ARK (Two Acts + Boss) – Eggman has taken over the ARK once again; possibly as a backup base should Zero Ring fail. Security here is tight, and danger lurks around every corner. But don’t worry when you are outside the ARK – it contains a breathable atmosphere even on the outside.

(Map 23/H2, 24 – 25, S1 – S7) Zero Ring (Boss/HUB + Single Act + Boss (?) (+7 Special Stages)) (Need to beat Eggman seven times, but without all seven Emeralds for the Map 23, but with all seven Emeralds, you can access the HUB, and Maps 24 and 25. Also, the seven special stages (S1 – S7) are here) – If you haven't got all seven Emeralds, you fight Eggman one last time in the Zero Ring. However, by collecting the Emerald Tokens, you can find yourself inside Zero Ring, collecting rings in order to recover a Chaos Emerald. And, once you get here for real with all seven Emeralds, you can start to explore Zero Ring, on the way learning about the legend of the Infinity Ring, before trying to teach Eggman a lesson. The HUB allows you to go back to the first HUB, and also has computers that tell of Eggman’s plan to not only remove all rings from Mobius, but also to use the Infinity Ring to give Zero Ring infinitive power! There are also two doors – one that leads to the only Act that is based inside Zero Ring, and the other leads to what seems to be a boss. However, after one hit, Eggman will run away through a portal, leading to the final Zone.

(Map 26 – 27) ??? (Final Zone - Single Act + Final Boss) – Believed to be the home of the Infinity Ring, the final Zone has two parts to it - first, you must collect the Infinity Ring before Eggman does. Then, using the Infinity Ring and the Chaos Emeralds, fight Eggman and Zero Ring to return the rings back to Mobius, and to prove to Eggman that Sonic doesn't always need rings to take him on! However, this is the ONLY Zone where you can find more than one Ring during the Act(s). But that doesn’t mean that compared to the other Zones that this is a cakewalk!

Planned Features:

New boss system - you start with 100 Rings, (but don't ask how you got them) and each time you get hit, you drop 20 rings. This excludes the Final Boss, where you start with 9999 rings, and is a Super Form stage. However, getting hit by the Zero Ring Lazar will cause you to lose rings! (Note – the dropping 20 Rings when hit could also apply when it comes to multiplayer games)

Play as Sonic, Tails or Knuckles through ten Zones, as you face up to nine bosses (there are 10 in total, but you will always face the first 7 bosses, but the next boss depends on if you have all seven Emeralds. If you do, you get one more boss than if you didn't), and play through up to 17 Acts.

Super Tails and Super Knuckles are playable along with Super Sonic when it comes to the final boss.

New multiplayer game types: Reverse CTF, where you have to bring a flag from your base to your foe’s base; Ring Race, where the person with the most rings when time runs out is the winner; and Last Mobian Standing, where everyone has a limited number of lives, and the last player (or team) standing wins.

Cutscreens after (and, in the case of the Final Boss, before) each boss that advance the storyline.

Current status:

SRB2: The Zero Ring is currently in an early planning stage. If you feel like joining, please PM me. If you are a mapper, SOCer or even if you have some music for The Zero Ring, you are welcome to help. Also, any ideas for the Zones who are marked as "???" will be appreciated.

(Note to mods - I am not asking any "Teams" to make my mod. I am, in fact, creating a "Team" to work WITH me in order to make this mod, and only this mod. Which is different from asking a "Team" to create the mod for me.)


None ATM :(

The Zero Ring Team:

Ah2190 – Director, Concept Mapper/Artist, creator of the ZeroRing.soc file.
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I think the ring draining idea was in SRB1. It was called Eggman's "Ring Satellite." I haven't played it in a while, so I could be wrong.

Also, where's your proof that there is work being done on this?
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I'll be blunt; these ideas sound really stupid. ESPECIALLY the boss/multiplayer system. And seeing your previous efforts, I think you are WAY over your head if you're gonna add features and make changes that require source code modding. Do you even know HOW to code? Also takes the story of SRB1 and the name from Zero Ring Zone. Way to be original.
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Ok, so this wasn't a good idea. I thought it might not go down so well, and from the sounds of things, it won't.

And true, I was wishing for the moon. Although I DO know some coding, it's not C. But, I had to toss this idea in just to see how people thought about it.

But, that doesn't mean that I'm not going to plan a project anyway - it will just take a little longer to get it set up.

As for the story, I must admit that I have never played the origanal SRB1, but I was trying to come up with a story to fit the name. And, yes - the Zero Ring MP level did give me some inspration.

But, I might be able to salvage some stuff from this. So, while it may not turn out to be The Zero Ring, I may be able to make somthing from this.

But, I WOULD like to see at least some of the ideas for the new gametypes inplemented. Besides, I've already made a beta map that plays the Reverse CTF mode - even though it uses the normal CTF mode to do so.
You're giving me a little MANIA.

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Chaos Zero 64
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Anyone can come up with a good story, or even imagine how a mod or level pack will end up as. Most of them were from newbies that didn't even touch any wad editor.

If you have an idea for a mod, try to do it first before you post here. With no proof of concept, these topics get locked away.
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