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Originally Posted by Zwip-Zwap Zapony View Post
We have controls specifically for custom Lua actions, being Custom 1/2/3. However, these controls occasionally overlap between mods (Example: TauntVoices uses Custom 2 for taunting with most characters, but a few taunt with Toss Flag instead as Custom 2 is already in use by those characters), and some mods may be well-suited for some Custom control layouts while others may be well-suited for other layouts.

What sort of chance and possibility is there of allowing custom Lua scripts to add their own controls that can be re-mapped at will and can overlap with any other controls (since overlaps might be wanted in some cases), which SRB2 will then also save and remember between game sessions (even if the WAD isn't loaded for several game sessions in a row)?

For example, perhaps something like AddControl("LIGHTDASH","Ring Lightdash","E",nil) would add a variable to all players called BT_LUA_LIGHTDASH, which returns if the button is pressed or not, with the control being added in the options menu under the displayed name "Ring Lightdash", with the default control being set to E if a "lua_lightdash" setcontrol is not found in a configuration file for the WAD file.

The above AddControl's parameters are in order the internal name (uppercase with "BT_LUA_" added in front for the variable name, lowercase with "lua_" in front for setcontrol), display name (used in the options menu controls list), and default key 1 and 2 (for the first time that the WAD is loaded).
The second split-screen player's controls for it would always be blank (because making mod makers supply default keys for player 2 may cause even more conflicts with players' existing control layouts than just for player 1).

Mod developers would have to take care to avoid the same internal name being used by multiple mods, but that may in many cases be as simple as adding a character/mod name in front of the internal (and display) name.

Implementation-wise... I really don't know, but probably something involving looking for the AddControl function thing in Lua scripts when loaded, taking them into account if they exist, and of course getting rid of them for the "handling" of what the Lua script should do and such in-game.

I understand that this may be really hard, but I personally think that it's worth at least thinking about for a bit.
That would be a cool idea, but the menu code would need a rewrite I think.
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Isn't someone working on a menu code rewrite...?
Originally Posted by Cirno
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