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A Weavile Enthusiast
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Dude, nice work on Amy! Really digging that design!
Weavile slayed Dragons before it was cool. ᕙ(⌐■ᨎ■)ᕗ
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Old 09-23-2018   #22
funyn menme
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Default Holy heck, he isn't dead? Where the hell did he go, then!?

Well guys Amy is cancelled, thank you and goodbye.

N-no, I'm not serious- I just bothered logging in to update her status, I wouldn't have gone through that trouble for nothing!

Look... I already started her hanging anims!
"So you're basically saying she's cancelled"


Now... the real battle begins!

I'll try to finish a frame for each character minimum weekly, so this thread will be much more lively soon, promise! I'd post more, but I spent most of these past 9 months doing nothing but mastering the pencil. And I don't suppose curvy anime girls, you know, count as SRB2 content, so,
Take your fidget spinner and smite me.

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