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Default -- Sonic Origins MMO (This contains advertising)

And if I'll get banned, I'll know why.

The Sonic Origins MMO is a 2D MMORPG based on the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series.
The playable characters are:
- Sonic + dumb recolour
- Tails
- Knuckles + dumb recolour
- Shadow + dumb recolour
- Mighty + dumb recolour
- Metal Sonic + dumb recolour


The Stable 0.1.0 version contains:
- Emerald Hill Forest
- Emerald Hill Field
- Emerald Hill (other map)
- The Arena
- Arena Meeting Place
- Station Square
- Casino Night Zone
- TheBetaFox's House
- MKP's House
- Dylan's House
- Tails Doll's House
- Supermarket
- Marble Garden Zone
- Village Hub
- Small Seaside Hill Forest #1 and #2
- Lava Reef Zone
- Ice Cap Zone
- 3 Shops
- Tens of NPCs
- About 10 weapons
- Trading
- Parties
- 11 Chaos Skills (They aren't version binded, more can be added by the owner at any time)
- Character leveling/experience
- Enemies and friends
- New maps coming daily
- Weekly updates
- Awesomeness
- Many other maps
It's not the best 2D MMO in existence - it can always be improved, so that's why we're waiting for your suggestions.

Moderator Notice:

Moderator Notice:
Also no.

I don't know why some antiviruses think my game is a virus/trojan. :| Nevertheless, trust me, it isn't.



1.0 GHz Intel Pentium III / AMD Sempron or better
384 MB of RAM
1 GB HDD Space
An integrated video card will do just fine, even if it sucks
A good download connection
Ports 7001 and 3667 forwarded if the game does not work by default

1. Download the game and unzip it in any folder.
2. Run install_so_runtimes.exe
3. Run SOMMO.exe
4. Register and login

Please note that this is a beta version and it shall be updated multiple times.

Thank you!


And once again:
Moderator Notice:
Again, no.

It's now 24/7 online (since 0.1.0, that is)!

Also, look at this:
(There are two images, by the way. ATTENTION: HUGE 800x6000 (YES, SIX THOUSAND) images! Beware, Americans or people from the third world with slow <25Mbps Internet!

No, I'm not using image tags unless you want your Internet connection to bleed. It's no problem for me, but meh :T

(TheBetaFox received an infraction for this post: No advertising.)

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