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Old 01-08-2008   #1
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Default 50% money deals! Really works!

Now that I've got you, check this out:

I wanna be The Guy

Don't be frustrated if you die on the first screens. The game is awesome.
Past the cheap deaths and traps, there is a shining core of excellent platforming.
And the boss fights are incredibly hard and they aren't incredibly frustrating as the rest of the game, but are still pretty challenging. They are in perfect balance.

Remember just keep trying and you'll become The Guy! (Btw, the game does have a proper ending)
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By looking at the pic, it looks blocky, and sounds like a spin off from other games.
Everyone is entitled to their own truthful opinion on this planet...
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Old 01-08-2008   #3
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It's suposed to look like that as an idolization to the old days of gaming.
Same as taking parts from other games.
Look pa! another guy who thinks graphics go over anything else!
Jesus christ, why does people always turn away from stuff before even trying it and having no base to make conclusions. It sickens me.
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Old 01-09-2008   #4
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SSN's gonna kill you for a horrible subject line. :/
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Has SSNTails ever given a dang?
Anyway. I never really favor a game for it's graphics. Heck, a low-poly game actually gains my favor because it runs at full frames-per-sec.
Hey, hey hey.
Chill out.
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Old 01-09-2008   #6
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My god.

That game is ridiculously hard. I was at least able to clear the starting screen and the one above it. D:
Now that's a real game logo.
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Old 01-10-2008   #7

What do you do in the screen below the starting one?
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Old 01-14-2008   #8
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Just to inform, that I finally did it. I finished this game, and now I'm The Guy.
You're all just wannabes.

Playtime: 10:51:0
Total deaths: 343 (possibly the double since I pressed reset before I died many times)
Difficulty: Hard

Oh also, from where you start, try jumping upwards. There are a lot of ways to go from there.
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