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Old 08-14-2006   #1
Default Freeze needs to be removed.

Freeze needs to be removed. no offense but who doesn't agree with me, he got 2 people banned for this freaking a illegal wad or whatever.
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Old 08-14-2006   #2
Marcus Koller

yeah that would be one right here and then there is another user.
I kind of got pissed at him and now he is blaming it on me, now he hates me for his own fault. I think he deserves to be banned as much as i do.
Old 08-14-2006   #3

Of course Marcus, make another topic using 2 usernames of yours.

Dude just get over it.

And it was a .exe, not a WAD. SRB2JTE.exe is not illegal. :mrgreen:
Thanks for removing the IP :)
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Old 08-14-2006   #4

Well if you all must know, i have to say that you marcus are a spammer, you hosted a bot thing with rpg, as for freeze he hacked me...or whatever he mad my pc crash to a total disaster! My dad got seriously pissed!

If you are the owner of "Freeze's Server" then be gone please! you ruined it and you will pay for the damages of this computer. So better send your location now.
Old 08-14-2006   #5

Whats the punishment for role playing on a server anyway?
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Old 08-14-2006   #6
AKA FuriousFox
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You already made a topic about this, and it was locked as well. Please, don't make any more. We'll look into the problem, but using multiple usernames isn't going to make us want to look into it any more than we already do. You're only making yourself look less believable.
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Old 08-14-2006   #7
Mystic's Avatar

I'm not as nice as FuriousFox.

Test2006, you are given a one week tempban.

Your sockpuppets, 4Kidz and Marcus Koller, are permanently banned.

Use one account, you idiot. Using multiple accounts to attempt to look like seperate people is idiotic and a bannable offense.

Freeze, you are given a flame warning. Let the admins handle assholes for you. That's what we're for.

I see any more of this crap, you all can take a trip to another community altogether.
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