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Default [Kart] Chip (Discontinued)

I don't know where to even put this since it will not be continued, but I want to at least show this anyway, to not let my work be all for nothing but here goes...

A week ago, I've started to learn how to make sprites for the game and I started to make Chip from Sonic Unleashed and use it as a WAD for SRB2 Kart.

The sprites weren't that difficult to make, but when I first got into Slade, it was an entirely new level...I couldn't figure out adding and labeling each sprite since I had to create even more sets of sprites than the ones I had now and I'm not clearly an expert at making difficult sets of sprites. Another thing is that I was just bugging people non stop about certain issues as well. (As I'm just another unlucky person who can't figure out crap when trying new things) And at this point, people will not like me for that, so I decided to give this mod up and leave it here.

Now, I'm not asking people to do this for me, but if someone is making this in the future, the credit completely goes to him/her, not me. I just want everyone to see the work I've done and that I haven't waste my time doing this. If this is clearly in the wrong place to post or not at all related here, I'm sorry, since I just don't know where it should even be at.

But anyway, at least I tried to learn something new for a change and it was at least worth my time doing it, so I hope you apprciate what I made.

And with that I hope you guys have a great day.
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spike tf
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I think it looks weird
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