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Default Sonic Xtreme fish eye engine or normal 3D Engine?

Post here and think: If Sonic Xtreme would have been released, Sonic Xtreme could be released with the Fish eye 3D Engine

or with the normal 3D engine?

because was first planned to use Fish eye but later SEGA has decided to develop it in the normal 3D, but later...... All we already know what happened, well, what is better? decide it in reply section here!
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In my opinion, the fish eye rendering feels both disorienting and constricted. Sonic is all about ease of movement so I think the normal 3D rendering works much better.
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IMO Both might have controlled terribly, one thing 3D Sonic games struggled with is camera controls, Not sure how you would be able to see enemies behind you in both camera types without having to rotate it manually.
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Probably Fish Eye Lens, considering now it's the nicest-looking one and was shown in almost (if not all) released footage of x-treme.
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The non-fisheye screenshots are much earlier. If they would have released, it would have had a fisheye camera.

It's all a moot point anyways because Sonic Xtreme was canned, and likely for extremely good reason. If it was remotely playable they would have pushed it onto the market regardless of quality. The Saturn was a very dark time for SEGA, with Sonic, their main franchise, being a port of Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R, a game I can only say positive things about in the sense that I had fun finding it in a bargain bin for $4. If there was any chance they could have released a remotely playable game they would have. Sonic Xtreme isn't an example of what could have been. It's an example of what happens when a game is so bad that SEGA, a company who was desperate for anything to redeem the Saturn, pulled the plug.
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Then again IIRC, Sega ultimately also canned it because Yuji Naka was pissed when he found that out of desperation, they had to use the Nights engine to quickly plaster the game. And then the two main crew members were severely ill with pneumonia, which was the final nail to the coffin (no pun intended).
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Monster Iestyn
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Actually, wasn't the NiGHTS engine business why they used the fisheye camera in the first place?
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Originally Posted by Monster Iestyn View Post
Actually, wasn't the NiGHTS engine business why they used the fisheye camera in the first place?
No, the NiGHTS engine was used for boss battles. The game was planned to use both of these engines from the start, with the fisheye camera engine being used in regular gameplay segments. X-treme failed because Nakayama, a SEGA executive who visited STI, was so dissatisfied by a demonstration of the incomplete fisheye engine ported to Saturn by another company (it was shit and could only run at 3-4FPS, while the PC version was fine), that he demanded the entire game be made with Chris Coffin's boss engine. The final nail in the coffin was Yuji Naka threatening to leave SEGA if his NiGHTS engine was used. This forced the team to start at square 1, almost killed two programmers, and got the game canceled.
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