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Default Why do you think people under-rate games?

I think it's cos IGN says something sucks and we all have to agree. But they vote alot of awesomeness on that site as suck, like Kirby Air Ride.

So like, discuss.
Originally Posted by PowerChaos
Windows is better. I mean, applications you can run? How awesome!
And I mean to run without downloading hacks. :V
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Different tastes?

Besides, how do you know that they aren't under-rating it, but that you are over-rating it?

Think until your brain explodes.
"Super Mario Galaxy isn't made of win, win is made of Super Mario Galaxy."

Hey, it is Toad!
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For the same reason why some people think Shadow the Hedgehog was an awesome game, and the rest of the world thinks its a piece of crap.

What Com said.
Now that's a real game logo.
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General opinion, and bias.
New Sonic Team made games automatically suffer, new Mario games (save cheap spinoffs, like 90% of them) automatically rock. Hence why I prefer to just get the game, and see for myself.
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