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Dimension Glaber (SP and MP maps)
Version: 1, by glaber (Emblem Radar Ready) glaber is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2019

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Released: 03-28-2018 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels SOCs Sprites/Graphics

May not work properly with Mania or Classic.wad mods.

It had to happen soon or later, so why not multiple levels at once? Dimension Glaber is a collection of just about every level I worked on. Almost every map in this pack finally receiving their first ever revision from when they were first released from years ago, or even Last Year's SUBARASHII.

Just about almost everything about this pack is recycled from my past. Including the pack's name! This mod was originally started as a way to keep my maps up to date should I want to recycle more rooms for future maps, and it grew from there.

All the levels are Pseudo-sorted by era and theme. Plus there are even 2 secret exits in levels to find.

As of right now, there are no emblems to collect as I have nothing for them to unlock.

Change log: (on a first release?!)

the separate release of each and every level in this pack over the course of 12 years, separately.

Replaced Emerald Token sound and graphics, replaced extra life sound, replaced score tally track

Green Hill
Enlarged stage, added polyobject, added jump ramp.

Daimondus act 1
Formerly act 2, added a spring to a tree branch, added new tunnel, changed a intangible from below fof into a shatter block.

Daimondus act 2
Formerly act 1, Structural changes, added a current to the middle water tunnel, some enemies deleted.

Grave Yard Hill Boss
Uses 2.1 Eggmobile now

Poloy Forest
Structural changes, Water no longer “boiling hot”, Barrier grass added, Alternate Exit now active, given Poloy forest track from Tails Adventures

Battle Woods
Formerly act 3, minor structural changes, added emerald token, tossed out song “Switch back”

Emerald Coast
Rebuilt most of the second half of the stage, added speed booster things, slopes added in (even that really steep one), added in swinging spike ball by the start, few Crawla's replaced with Neo Drillas, removed all invisible springs, added an emerald token in Big's secret fishing spot

Emerald Cove
Stage renamed, stage retextured, beginning and end of stage restructured, assigned Splashdown from Ristar for music

Mystic Castle act 1
Removed surprise Deeton, restructured entrance to second structure, changed some prisoners

Mystic Castle act 2
changed light level in lava room

Mystic Castle Boss
Uses 2.1 eggmobile

White Halloween act 1
Formerly act 2, cave light level increased.

White Halloween act 2
Formerly act 1, stage enlarged. Light level increased in caves, changed texture of a bustable wall

White Halloween Boss
Removed Death Pit, uses 2.1 eggmobile

Haunted Manor act 1
Removed Thok Barrier

Haunted Manor act 2
Added in Senku's Orange team flag texture

Haunted Manor Boss
Arena's plunger now goes down when boss beaten, real player scale down removed due to Knuckles' jump height

Springin Around MGX
Added a slope, added an emerald token

Blustery Day MGX
Minus is missing the snow sprite, SRB1 badnik's altered sprites restored, Pointy replaced with Undius, added an emerald token

Green Christmas
cut out part of the Thok Barrier

Holiday Village
Finally corrected the spelling of the name, added another side to the tunnel (no you still can't go through)

Frozen Battery
A Screen shows Medivo now. added music trigger

Rusty Bucket Bay
Formerly a Match Stage, Water no longer damages players unless it's the green goop, added emerald token, added emerald hunt locations, added slopes, added more structural accuracies, made all floating fofs be separate fofs to avoid jiggle bug

Scrap Brain
Removed help sign, added visual indicator for what side triggers the doors, added emerald token

Glaber Base 5
Changed Sky, Sally's path now accessible to all, added a “teleport” at the end

Added new start and end. Replaced poly objects with chains, replaced pseudo-slopes with real slopes, added new pipes

Giana Dream blast
custom "mario block" texture now a separate animated texture (Previously replaced a set of lava fall patches), Giana gems left behind, rings are in use

Emerald Lake act 1
Merged with act 2, go where you can see, new object placement to go with it, slopes

Emerald Flower
Added in whole new path, slopes, polyobjects added, removed a confusing path, moved the exit

Icicle Factory
Modified the paths, new sloped active conveyor belt added, swapped out User minus with SRB1 Badnik

Sapphire Frost
adjusted a jump ramp, changed a wall to reveal the sky, changed music to Wolfy's Ice cap alternate

Sky top
emblems missing

Minvs The Prototype
First release

All Nights Special stages
Made to work without the Use Nights special stage parameter set to true

Barren Ambition
Track fixed up, Track goes backwards, some structural changes to account for the camera

Night Shift
Player starts on the super trigger, more items placed for Nights score attack

Special Stage 3
Re-textured in blue

Stocking Stuffer
no change

Mr E. Special Stage
Re-textured in Orange

Medivo SS
re-textured with medivo textures

Formerly End Year of NiGHTS, merged both mares

Glaber Glutch circuit
reduced to 2 laps, stage enlarged

Battle Woods act 1
added a bunch of Armageddon shields to speed things up, added a slope

Battle Woods act 2
Removed all fire, moved a trap button closer to the path, replaced deetons, added an Armageddon shield

removed invisible walls, did not remove invisible walls from windows, added a new prisoner in the "Deluxe" Cell, new music from Puggsy, swapped out sector based boosters with Yellow level thing based boosters

Quarts Caverns
Removed invisible walls, level set scenery meant for another level made into death pit (it's not part of the main track), added a jump ramp with speed booster to TK path, added slopes, loops to Glaber Glutch circuit

Endless Mine
changed blocks to shatter blocks

Medivo Circuit Nights
Textured to mostly match special stage

Caron forest
Formerly no name forest, given music from Tails Adventures' Caron forest, loops to Endless Mine

Daimondus CTF
added in more bomb panels, added in jump ramp, added slopes

Daimondus CTF 2
added new geometry, given Daimondus JJ2 music

Tubelectric CTF
Given Tubelectric music

Medivo CTF
Given proper Medivo textures for red team, Unseen fof art removed, Assigned Medivo music

Flood forest
updated to current ring set, moved the flags to the bigger capture sectors, left the flag base as a valid capture sector, made the bridges intangible from below, water now more dynamic

Spiral Mountain
Enlarged, added a spring

Targetzan's Temple
removed the mp3 track, left behind a midi, Enlarged the stage, added slopes, updated ring selection based upon Banjo-tooie egg set in Eggs a plenty

Ordnance Storage
enlarged, updated ring selection based upon Banjo-tooie egg set in Eggs a plenty, uses midi

Clinker's Cavern
enlarged, updated ring selection based upon Banjo-tooie egg set in Eggs a plenty, uses midi, loops back to Spiral Mountain

Added Slopes

Glaber Glutch Mine
Enlarged, added more panels

Uses Medivo JJ2 track

G. Glutch Village
Closed off Glaber base 4 and the path to the WOP

WW Shootout Zone
removed invisible walls, raised some floors

Icicle Pyramid
enlarged, assigned weapons based upon power ups, slopes

Voiced Concern
uses multiplayer emeralds

Icicle Warehouse
slope added

Daimondus Battle
no change

Glaber Base 3
Assigned music from gunstar heroes, built new outside area

fixed an issue with the torches on Mystic Castle act 1

Fixed an issue encounted via addfile, added a batfile.

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Old 04-09-2018   #22
AxelTheHedgie2018's Avatar

Hey would it be okay if I did a showcase for this and upload it to YouTube? If not then I apologize for asking.
-Axel The Hedgehog
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Old 04-10-2018   #23
Emblem Radar Ready
glaber's Avatar

sure, go right ahead

Edit: coud you post it here when you have it uploaded? I'd like to see it.
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
Why wouldn't you glide and climb as Super Knuckles?

Last edited by glaber; 04-11-2018 at 12:42 AM.
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Old 04-11-2018   #24
Stop it
"Lat'"'s Avatar

So I played through the entire thing, it was pretty alright overall. I sadly don't remember much from the experience because, even though this may come out as harsh, barely anything was memorable.

I enjoyed Haunted Manor and the last few levels since they had some more quality and length into them, everything else felt short or empty, often both. (EDIT: I know that they're old ports and all, but that doesn't really excuse it to me*)
I also got all 7 emeralds, and the last special stage was pretty brutal, but manageable. You might wanna do something about the old special stage timer being active in NiGHTS special stages however.

The Minus boss at the end was kinda cool actually, though the time window to hit it seems pretty insuficient even for Sonic, so I don't even know how Tails would manage, and the little things it throws should vanish after some time because they end up getting annoying as you can't get near the boss without getting your behind drilled upon, and obnoxiously loud after a while (the minus' digging sound makes me feel insecure, I need an adult).

Also for the love of god PLEASE... Don't use midi musics, they just uncontrollably explode my ears and I end up having to mute it entierely, I don't know if that's the case for anyone else here, but the lack of volume control on them is a huge problem to me.
Originally Posted by Bronydude2k5 View Post
If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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Old 04-11-2018   #25
Emblem Radar Ready
glaber's Avatar

I wasn't aware that midi use was a problem. In that case I'll have to seek replacements.

About the old special stage timer issue, unless i get rid of old style special stage 3 and Mr.E special stages I have to use the old timer or the stage mix does not work. SRB2 The Past has the exact same issue on special stage 7.
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
Why wouldn't you glide and climb as Super Knuckles?
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Old 04-11-2018   #26
Looking forward to SRB2 2.2
SSNCaleb's Avatar

Originally Posted by "Lat'" View Post
The Minus boss at the end was kinda cool actually, though the time window to hit it seems pretty insuficient even for Sonic, so I don't even know how Tails would manage
Well excuse me, I did manage to beat the Minus Boss at the end as Tails.
Known as Dark Fire or *SSNCaleb*.
Picture by: Ryuga on Discord.
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Old 04-12-2018   #27
Wandering Protagonist
Goldenhog's Avatar

I never had a problem with the MIDIs, either here or in the base game or wherever else.
Originally Posted by Asagi Asagiri
I need power over the people! The stupid, STUPID people!
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Old 04-12-2018   #28
Ya Gal Sal Here (σᴥσ)
TehRealSalt's Avatar

MIDI's have been forced to play at full volume all the time in SRB2 for a while now. I forget the issue behind it, just that bad MIDI support in modern versions of Windows causing huge, unjustifiable damage because of it. It'll seem fine for anyone who just uses maxed out sound settings anyway.
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Old 04-28-2018   #29
Pan AJ
A strange SRB2 noob
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Love these levels! Also, I noticed rosy/amy's hammer releases heart flower things!
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Old 04-30-2018   #30
That guy that ports
Permanently Banned

Katmint has stated her argument and refusal to change it back when SUGOI came out, not really surprised on the other side of this issue. I also would not recommend playing this mod with Lach's Hyper Ring due to the same name being used for the 25 Ring Monitor.
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