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Some Guy Waiting for 2.2
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Default Xbox One Controller Config

Hello! Does anyone have a good Xbox One Controller configuration for SRB2? I recently got one and I wanted to know if anyone uses it with their game and is willing to share their configuration with me. I would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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Backseat Developer
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Analog mode: on
Y Axis: Moving
X Axis: Strafe
Z Axis: Turning
X Rudder -: Looking
A: Jump
X: Spin
B: Custom 1
Y: Custom 2
DPad Up: Center Camera
(If not running through Steam)
LB: Rotate camera left/Fire Weapon Normal
RB: Rotate camera right/Fire Weapon
DPad Left: Prev. Weapon
DPad Right: Next Weapon
Start: Pause
Back: Rankings/Scores
LB: Prev. Weapon
RB: Next Weapon/Custom 3
LT: Rotate Camera Left/Fire Weapon Normal
RT: Rotate Camera Right/Fire Weapon
Start: Rankings/Scores
Back: Escape
Originally Posted by Cirno

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