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Default And So it Begins
New Persona Games
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Smash and Pokemon ORAS, and Mario KArt

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Two new dancing games and Q2...hopefully Q2 improves on Q's, flaws. Even if it is really an Etrian Odyssey game, it's still fun to see the cross over.
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Metal Blake
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Personally hyped for Q2, finally got around to playing Q recently and have been loving it.

I'm just wondering how things in Q2 are gonna work. The game will obviously have the Phantom Thieves, but will it have S.E.E.S., the investigation team, or both? Will the new elements from 5 and guns be added? If so, will the old characters get those elements/weapon types? And what about Naoto, who already uses a gun? And if they don't add them back, what will Milady and Joanna do, since they used the new Psychokinesis and Nuclear elements? And as for Naoto, Ken, and Koromaru, who had the instakill Dark/Light skills, will they switch to normal Bless/Curse skills, or will they keep the instakill ones?

Just a few things I can't wait to see sorted out, especially since I need to decide who's gonna be in my party since I'm probably gonna have Akira, Yu, and Minato right off the bat just because.

Also just curious as to when P3 Dancing Moon Night will take place, as it cannot really take place after P3 as P4 DAN and P5 DSN can due to story details that I shall not spoil, yet it would make little sense to take place before (since all Persona games since at least 3 start with the MC transferring to the town the story takes place in) or even during due to the tone differences between the mainline games and the dancing games. Not to mention Atlus will probably make all 3 spin-offs cannon, as they have with all of P4's spin-offs (with the exception of Q which is cannon-not-cannon, as it has no effect on the series as a whole in the end), so fitting P3 DMN into the cannon may be a bit of a problem.

Once again though, those questions aside, I am quite excited for Q2 and the dancing game('s soundtracks).
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