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Sonic Man X (v1.2) - Get your weapons ready! Details »»
Sonic Man X (v1.2) - Get your weapons ready!
Version: 1.2, by 742mph (My work is never done yet) 742mph is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 08-22-2017 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
SOCs Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

Sonic Man X is a mod that changes SRB2's gameplay to resemble that of Mega Man X. Shoot your way through scaled-up enemies with a chargeable blaster, hunt for permanent armor upgrades, and amass an arsenal of special weapons as you take down each boss in your way!

Sonic Man X is best played on SRB2 with synchronized I/O support, since it allows you to save your upgrades between play sessions.

Spoiler: Controls and basic mechanics
*Press Spin on the ground to dash. Hold Spin to dash farther. Jump while dashing and you'll retain your speed.
*Press Spin on the ground in front of a narrow crevice to slide through it.
*Press Spin to enter and exit vehicles.
*Press Custom 1 to fire. Hold Custom 1 to charge, then release to fire a more powerful shot.
*Use the weapon switch buttons to switch weapons. Defeat bosses to obtain more weapons.
*Rings won't protect you, but you won't die until your health bar is depleted.

Sonic Man X is compatible with Great Divide, and it's designed for compatibility with most "standard" custom characters and levels.

Sonic Man X has documentation that explains its console commands, as well as how to make your mod respond to Sonic Man X's presence if you care about whether they play nice together. The most important things to know are the console command smxhelp and the fact that mobjinfo[MT_NULL].sonicmanx is true if and only if Sonic Man X has been added.

Spoiler: Changelog
Version 1.2
*Sonic Man X is now now compatible with synchronized I/O, but not with SRB2+I/O.
*Added the refillhealth command.
*Added help messages for weapons.
*Crawl Laser travels up walls and deals double damage to targets with long invulnerability periods.
*Napalm Storm bombs detonate on contact.
*Pilotable Brak Eggman has a visible indicator when it's empty.
*Players lose only half of their rings upon being hit.
*Super forms behave differently. They can charge and fire twice as fast, but can be damaged. Players can also turn Super even if they have shields.
*Ringslinger gameplay has been reworked. The buster is no longer useable, thrown rings deal more damage, and health refills spawn at random Chaos Emerald spawn points.
*Player movement has been tweaked.
*Refill powerup visuals have been tweaked.
*Some help messages and dialogue have been tweaked.
*Added P_UseWeaponEnergy.
*P_BlockingWall and P_SpinBlocked have been replaced with P_CanMove and P_CanSpinMove.
*Removed the CacheHUDIcon pseudo-hook.
*Added support for skin-specific default weapons.
*Popped monitors respawn correctly.
*Team monitors are properly solid to opposing-team players.
*Pilotable Brak Eggman can't be entered while it's in its death animation.

Version 1.1
*Fixed desync problems in multiplayer.

Version 1.0
*Initial release.

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My work is never done yet
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Updated to version 1.2. Many small-to-medium changes have been made, including buffs to a couple of weapons and better Ringslinger gameplay.
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