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The "Last Hero"
Default N00B 2 LUA. Suggestions?

I've been trying to start learning Lua scripting. However, I haven't been able to find a good online guide for it, and I'm on an extreme budget and can't afford the book. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start learning, some guides or books, or is anyone willing to mentor me on the subject? I'm a very quick learner, but I'm also very forgetful. Also, I'm camera shy, so not open to video chat on that. If anyone's willing to put up with me, I'd be very grateful to learn some Lua scripting.

I will say, I'm pretty good at using Command Prompt. If that has any effect.
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Ikkarou Tatsuru
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This is the tutorial I learned Lua with. Given you have at least some experience with coding, it should teach at least the basics of the language.

When you feel you're ready to mess with Lua's interaction with SRB2, refer to the Lua page in the SRB2 Wiki. You can check the custom character ability tutorial, open other scripts to see how they work and and ask in the #coding channel on the Discord server if you have any trouble on the way.
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