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So, who is working on a guide?
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If you need more pictures, just tell me what you want a picture of, and I'll get to work.
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Could you get just some random windows?
Run, Find, Explorer, Crash... That type of stuff.
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Oh, and I remember seeing a crash window generator thing, that let you customize your own window with buttons and text... I'll see if I can find it.
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Gee, thanks, Ritz!
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Originally Posted by Ritz
What kind of sadist installs RealPlayer on their machine? I cannot imagine the thought processes that went into that installation, and the fact that it's on that list means you have to actually USE it.

You have officially scared me more than any other psycho on this forum, Ritz. I don't know if you should be proud or bow your head in shame.
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XD Mystic, you are the KING of guilt trips. XD
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1 Guilt, 2 Guilt, 3 Guilt! GUILT TRIO!
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So, where can I find this fake error message thingy?
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Chaos Zero 64
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RealPlayer sucks. It ruins some videos, and its only used for the type that can only be opened by realplayer. I'm with the Winamp group. It has the greatest selections of skins too.
Originally Posted by Bigboi View Post
Personally, if SEGA makes a nice sum of cash, they're doing their job well. They don't need to appeal to hordes of manchildren that are pissed that some kid games aren't fun to play.
Your and You're. Learn the difference.
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I use Winamp as well.
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I'm not sure of this, but I think that XMPlay might be able to play .ra
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Default Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Final Demo v1.08 Walkthrough FAQ Guide

I noticed that the link to this old Walkthru I found on the board was not working (404 server responses) so found it by grabbing a cached version from Google. Hope it is of help! I know my kids will love it! :D

Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Final Demo ver. 1.08 Walkthrough Guide Walkthrough (C)
Jake of the Aonaselk 2003-2005. Sonic Robo Blast 2 (C) Sonic Team Jr. Sonic the Hedgehog and all other related characters are trademarks of SEGA/SONICTEAM 1991 to present. Neither SRB2 nor this guide should be distributed with charge, except for your soul, maybe. Last update: 25 June 2005
NOTE: This guide does NOT cover Network Play. It will be appreciated muchly if anyone could contribute information on it, such as how to log onto a server, how the games work, etc.
01. The Story
02. Getting Started
03. The Characters
04. The Baddies
05. The Zones
06. Helpful Items
07. Special Stages and Token Locations
08. Emblem Locations
09. The Secrets
10. Multiplayer
11. Mystic Realm
12. Easter Egg Locations
13. Tips and Tricks
14. Questions of the Common Gamer
15. Contributions

=-=-=-=-=-01. THE STORY-=-=-=-=-=
After Eggman was defeated back in the first game, he decides to take more time to reconsider his strategy, hiding away in an underground base for three months. All Eggman really had to show for this delay was a reduced robot army and a special battleship he built called the 'Doomship'. He didn't stand a chance against Sonic and his friends. Eggman's space-radar bleeped as the Black Rock came within its range. Eggman thought nothing of it at first, until he realized that he had a new battlestation! From there he could attack the world, and launch robot armies without the fear of anyone retaliating against such a huge weapon. And with the Chaos Emeralds, the world would be begging before his knees to end the suffering and let him rule the planet. It was a perfect plan! Eggman decided to quickly increase the amount of robots he was producing. World domination was within his grasp at last! He launched his Doomship a week later, full of robots to take temporary control of zones until he'd finished putting the final touches to his work on the Black Rock. They were also instructed to return any Chaos Emeralds they might find.

His first target: Greenflower City. Sonic was enjoying his long overdue vacation. Without Eggman around, he and everyone else could relax whenever they wanted. Little did he know that today was going to be the end of it. Hearing Tails' voice in the distance, Sonic rolled his eyes. It was probably a stray beach ball, thrown out into the sea. No doubt Tails wanted him to recover it. Tails arrived, and told him that there were robots attacking the Forest Zone. Before Tails could finish, Sonic was already a tiny dot on the horizon. The robots were simple Crawla robots, destroyed with minimal effort. Sonic looked up at the sky and to his horror, saw an enormous battleship, with its guns pointing at the Greenflower City. He had been tricked into a diversion! Without wasting time, Sonic rushed up to the Doomship, even though there was nothing he could really do. But it was too late. In a blinding flash, the Greenflower City was a pile of ash and rubble.

Laughing at Sonic, Eggman revealed his plan to control the Black Rock and turn it into an unstoppable force of destruction. Then he flew off, leaving Sonic standing dead in his tracks. - Taken from the official SRB2 website.

=-=-=-=-=-02. GETTING STARTED-=-=-=-=-=
The primary game of SRB2 is for one player only. You take control of one of any three characters - Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles - as you race through various 3D-rendered zones. To start SRB2, click on the "srb2win.exe" icon. After the SONIC TEAM JR. PRESENTS logo, a little introduction will come up. You may choose to watch this or skip it. Afterwards, you will be taken to the SRB2 title screen which consists of the following options: ??? - When special events occur in the game, this option will be selectable. 1 Player - This is the adventure mode. Start/Load a game, and you're good to go. Saving games is also an option here. You can even look at your player statistics for best times and collected emblems. Multiplayer - This is the title-explanatory multiplayer mode. You can choose between 2P mode or Network Play (which this guide will not cover, seeing as how I have absolutely no knowledge of it whatsoever). Options - Allows you to customize video settings, player controls, etc. Quit Game - I think you already know what this means.

=-=-=-=-=-03. THE CHARACTERS-=-=-=-=-=
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - The world's fastest supersonic hedgehog! He's the fastest character of the bunch, but has the worst controlling, so he's not a very good pick for beginners. His special ability is the Speed Thok, which automatically shoots him forward and giving him full acceleration. Also, if used wisely, the Speed Thok can be used as a risky - but effective - attack.

MILES "TAILS" PROWER - Where Sonic is, Tails is sure to follow. Despite his relatively poor speed, Tails has the best control of all three characters, which makes him especially easy to control in Special Stages. His special ability is to swim and fly, which is handy when you want to get your way out of tight spaces or to look for hidden areas inaccessible by other means. Like traditional Sonic games, Tails can attack while flying underneath an enemy, so use this to your advantage during boss battles.

KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA - Local resident of Angel Island, Knuckles decides to assist Sonic in his new journey to collect the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles is the best all-around character in the game. Not only does he imitate the speed of Sonic as well as the control of Tails, but his gliding and climbing abilities allows him to access almost every single area in a zone. Knuckles can also attack enemies while gliding.

DR. EGGMAN - Everyone's favourite egg-shaped lunatic is back and probably hasn't learned a single new thing, yet that isn't really going to stop him. During boss battles, Dr. Eggman would usually attack with lock-on projectiles or a charge dash, and on some boss stages with poisonous liquid. While his attacks may not be too life-threatening, the environments that surround him (and your character) are often much more dangerous.

=-=-=-=-=-04. THE BADDIES-=-=-=-=-=
CRAWLA - These robots are slow, and have no form of attack whatsoever. Takes one hit.

RED CRAWLA - They're faster than regular Crawla, but they're just as stupid. Takes one hit.

STUPID DUMB UNNAMED ROBOFISH - Fish robots that behave exactly the same as Batabata. They are found on the surface of water, where they vertically jump up, are usually found in groups, and act even more pathetic than regular Crawla. Takes one hit.
JETTY-SYN (BOMBER) - Jetty-Syns are a natural threat and annoyance. These types drop bombs on you. Takes one hit.

JETTY-SYN (GUNNER) - Gunners shoot bullets at you from a distance, thus rendering them more difficult to kill than Jetty-Syn Bomber. Takes one hit.

DETONS - Suicidal robots that home in onto you and explode. These are invincible and can't be destroyed otherwise, so try tricking it into flying into a wall.

CRAWLA COMMANDER - Flying Crawla that can quickly dodge any sort of attack by you. It is recommended that you Spin Dash in place. Takes two hits.

=-=-=-=-=-05. THE ZONES-=-=-=-=-=

In every zone, the goal is to reach the, err, goal of the act. Each zone consists of three acts, the third act being made primarily of the boss. ::GREENFLOWER ZONE:: The traditional paradise-styled zone of Sonic. Because it is early on in the game, there isn't really any major threat to hinder you in gameplay.

DR. EGGMAN BOSS - Eggman slowly moves around in a square arena where he fires some sort of missiles at you. Six hits later and he begins to dash towards you. Takes eight hits.

::TECHNO HILL ZONE:: Eggman has moved beyond Greenflower Zone to build his toxic factory in grassy hills. THZ is not as easy as GFZ, since it introduces poison, Jetty-Syns, and the factory itself.

DR. EGGMAN BOSS - Both you and Eggman are on a large mine cart, and if you fall off, it's doom to you. Eggman moves in a circular pattern dropping poison drops, and if you happen to touch them... well, you know what happens then. Try to hit Eggman at the right time, and after a few hits, he will start bouncing around and shooting poisonous projectiles at a much faster rate. Takes eight hits.

::CASTLE EGGMAN ZONE:: Looks like Eggman even has his own castle. It's not easy to get in, and the level gets even harder once you do. Be wary of the excess amount of Red Crawla and Jetty-Syns. In Act 2, you need to press a certain amount of switches in the zone in order to advance to the boss (appropriately).

DR. EGGMAN BOSS - Eggman is in the middle of an amazingly large arena, which is then guarded by several Red Crawla and Jetty-Syns. Not only that, but he has four spiky orbs swirling around him. You can try to fight him traditionally, or you can trick the Jetty-Syns into shooting Eggman instead of you. With the former method, try spinning into him rather than using your jump attacks. Takes eight hits.

=-=-=-=-=-06. HELPFUL ITEMS-=-=-=-=-=

RINGS - These are essential to your character's life. If you take damage, you will lose your collection, and if you get hit without any rings, you'll lose a life. Collecting 100 of these gems will earn you an extra life.

CHECKPOINTS - When you lose a life, you will be warped to the last checkpoint that you marked.

SPRINGS - These catapult you to higher levels. Red springs are more powerful than yellow ones, though it may be difficult to control your character while airborne.

ITEM BOXES - These contain a certain item: YELLOW RING - Adds 10 rings to your collection. SILVER RING - Adds 25 rings to your collection.

INVINCIBILITY - Makes your character immune to most dangers for a short while, but does not protect you from crushers or bottomless pits. SPEED SHOES - Makes your character run faster for a short while. BLUE SHIELD - Regular shield that protects you from one hit before disappearing.

YELLOW SHIELD - Also known as the Attraction Shield. Attracts all nearby rings. Disappears after taking damage. Alternately, it can disappear when you jump into water.

GREEN SHIELD - Also known as the Elemental Shield. Allows you to wade in poison and breathe underwater. Disappears after taking damage.

RED SHIELD - Allows you to be immune to fire attacks, and you can leave fiery trails when you spin-dash. Disappears after taking damage or leaping into water.

BLACK SHIELD - Also known as the Armageddon Shield. When you press jump twice, your shield goes away, but destroys all onscreen enemies. Also activates when you take damage.

TOKENS - There is a maximum of two Emerald-shaped tokens in every act of the three zones. These take you to the Special Stage upon completing the act carrying them, where you can earn the chance to get one of the seven Chaos Emeralds.

EMBLEMS - There's twenty of these in the game, three in each act (except for bosses), which are divided among the three characters. Note that these will not appear in a modified game.


To get into a Special Stage, you need to collect a token from the current act and reach the goal without losing a life. Once you enter the stage, you have a limited time to collect the indicated amount of rings. Be wary of spike traps and water pits, which will cause you to drop your rings or lose time, respectively.

GREENFLOWER ZONE ACT 1 TOKEN 1 - After you reach the first checkpoint, turn right just before you reach the bridge. There should be an odd-looking wall near a group of rings. Break it and enter the revealed tunnel, where you'll find the token.

GREENFLOWER ZONE ACT 2 TOKEN 1 - Just before the second checkpoint, there is a pool with two Stupid Dumb Unnamed Robofishes in it. Jump inside and grab the blue shield. Use the spring to catapult you to the top of the waterfall. After some distance, you'll reach the large waterfall. Jump off and turn immediately left. Look around for a large tunnel entrance in the wall. Explore it and use the spring at the other side to reach the token.

TOKEN 2 - After the third checkpoint, you'll climb some stairs to a little bridge with a pool of water in it. Jump into the water and look around for the token.

TECHNO HILL ZONE ACT 1 TOKEN 1 - After the fourth checkpoint, you'll see the factory up ahead. Use the spring to jump onto the pipes and allow the exhaust to shoot you up a few levels. Just before you reach the diagonal spring, you'll see a vertical pipe directly ahead of you. Fall down to get the token.

TOKEN 2 - You'll need to backtrack for this one. After passing the checkpoint, head to the right. After going a little bit, you'll see a small gap at the left. Spin Dash into it and you'll be taken into a long passageway filled with poison and barrels. On the other side is a large room with poison. Jump to the platform with no robots. The token is in a high ledge. To get to it, use the fans at the bottom of the poison.

TECHNO HILL ZONE ACT 2 TOKEN 1 - After the first checkpoint, go past the crusher and onto another conveyor belt, the one with three Red Crawla. At your right, you'll see an oddly-textured wall. Jump through it to get the token.

TOKEN 2 - Make sure you have a green (elemental) shield. After the second checkpoint, jump over the springs and make a 90-degree turn into the poison. You should see a curved structure underwater. Approach it and you will be taken to the room with the token.

CASTLE EGGMAN ZONE ACT 1 TOKEN 1 - A bit of a distance before the first checkpoint marker. When you meet up with the first Jetty-Syn in the level, at your right you will see a pool of water. In it is a Red Crawla and the token.

TOKEN 2 - When you climb to the top of the cliff at the left of the castle entrance, you'll meet up with a lot of Red Crawla and four passageways. Take the second one from the left, and you'll get the token there.

CASTLE EGGMAN ZONE ACT 2 TOKEN 1 - In the area with the switch, a pool of water, and a lot of pipes, look around the water for an entrance. You will be automatically be taken to a dark room, along with the token.

=-=-=-=-=-08. EMBLEM LOCATIONS-=-=-=-=-= There are twenty emblems in the game. Each character needs to look for six emblems altogether. In addition, you get one for completing the game and another one for completing the game with all Chaos Emeralds. Earning all twenty emblems will unlock you Spring Hill Zone.

GFZ1 - Reach the high ledge with the yellow shield. Once there, aim towards one of the two Crawla that patrol the high ledge to the far right of where Sonic would stand near the small house. Jump off and bounce off of the Crawla, and perform a Speed Thok to reach a ledge with another house on top.
GFZ2 - Just before the second checkpoint, there is a pool with two fish robots in it. Jump inside and use the spring to catapult you to the top of the waterfall. After some distance, you'll reach the big waterfall and three platforms. Use them to get to the emblem.
THZ1 - After you pass the second checkpoint, take the right path. Before the third checkpoint marker, there should be a narrow tube you can jump into, which will take you to a high area. Jump onto the thick tubes, and you'll find the emblem on one of them.
THZ2 - After killing the Crawla Commander in the beginning, look to the left of the crushers and you'll fall through the floor and hit a spring. Fall into the thin conveyor belt and it will take you around the corner. When you see a hole to your left, go into it and you'll find the emblem.
CEZ1 - During your hike to the top of the cliff, there should be a turn to the right and a tunnel right in front of you. Take the right path. You'll meet up with four red springs. Use them to reach another high-up ledge. You'll meet up with the emblem.
CEZ2 - At the center of the stage, you'll find a pool with a bunch of gargoyles surrounding it. If you find a gargoyle missing from a side, look around the edge and you'll fall down a hole. Once you do, search in corners underwater to be taken to another area, where the emblem is.


GFZ1 - At the beginning, turn right at the first bridge into a cavern. Somewhere around the center is a small hole. Once you fall in, avoid the spring and continue forward. You'll hit another spring, which will take you to a green shield. Stand where the shield is and fly straight up, and you will find the emblem.
GFZ2 - Once you pass the second checkpoint, hit the springs to launch yourself to the center ledge of the waterfall area. Stand on top of the verticle log and try looking around for a gap in the checkered walls at the top of the screen. Once you find the gap, quickly fly straight towards it, where the emblem is located.
THZ1 - After the second checkpoint, take the left path. After meeting up with the poisonfall at the left, fly to the top. The emblem is there.
THZ2 - After the first checkpoint, reach the conveyor belt with the three Red Crawla. Look for a black square on the belt and fly straight up. The emblem is stashed in the vent.
CEZ1 - Once you step on the switch to open the gate, go to the very end of the cliff. You should see a ledge right next to you. Fly there and step on the switch with four ring boxes on it. The emblem will be in plain sight, along with those Kamikaze Bombers.
CEZ2 - When you get to the switch located in the long, dark corridor, step onto one of the squares on the floor, which will cause an army of Jetty-Syns and Red Crawla to appear. The emblem is in one of the newly opened jail cells.

GFZ1 - Head to the area where you would find Sonic's emblem. Near the house should be a higher ledge. Climb the wall to get the emblem.
GFZ2 - Once you start the act, turn around and climb the wall. Once you reach the ledge to your left, jump onto it. Climb the next wall, and you will find an emblem in plain sight.
THZ1 - After the fourth checkpoint marker, climb on the factory columns. The emblem is floating near one of the far right ones.
THZ2 - After the second point marker, climb the wall to the right of the next conveyor belt. Glide yourself to a ledge. The emblem is located on one of the ledges.
CEZ1 - At the beginning, scale the wall behind you. When you reach the top, glide around the level. Just before the tunnel connecting the starting area is a ledge with the emblem.
CEZ2 - Go to the area with the switch and a water pit. Look around underwater and you'll be taken to the room with the emerald token. Look around for the emblem.

=-=-=-=-=-09. THE SECRETS-=-=-=-=-=
When you accomplish a certain task in an unmodded game, you unlock extra features.
TIME ATTACK BONUS - If your best times in GFZ, THZ, and CEZ add up to less than six minutes, you unlock one concept sheet of most of the robots in the game.

SA EXAMPLE ZONE - An example model of Metal Harbour from SONIC Adventure 2, complete with Homing Attack and Light Dash. Will be unlocked when you beat Christmas Hunt Zone.

MARIO KOOPA BLAST - A classic Mario-styled level, unlocked when you beat the game with all Chaos Emeralds on Normal mode or higher.

SPRING HILL ZONE - You can unlock this special NiGHTS-styled Super Sonic stage when you collect all twenty emblems in the game. To control Super Sonic, simply guide him through orange rings. Collect emblems and rings to boost your score and chain links, and press and hold the jump button to use a little speed boost which slowly depletes.

CHRISTMAS HUNT ZONE - You can unlock this by beating Mario Koopa Blast. Simply a little snowy area where you have to find three Chaos Emeralds, a la Knuckles' hunting action stages in SONIC Adventure.

LEVEL SELECT - Allows you to select any act from GFZ, THZ, or CEZ. Unlock it by beating the game once.

SUPER SONIC - Collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds and fifty rings earns Sonic the ability to transform into Super Sonic, which basically combines speed and invincibility power-ups. Unlock Super Sonic by pressing jump twice, though be wary of your ring consumption.

EASTER EGG MODE - This mode allows you to go on an Easter Egg hunt. To play it, take anyBAT file and edit it to: srb2win -easter. Save, and double-click the BAT file to start the hunt.

EASTER EGG BONUS - Locating all Easter Eggs in Easter Egg mode unlocks another enemy conceptual sheet.

=-=-=-=-=-10. MULTIPLAYER-=-=-=-=-=
In multiplayer, there are several different modes of gameplay - Deathmatch, Coop, Capture the Flag, Chaos, Race and Tag.

DEATHMATCH - This is where you and your friends (if you're lucky enough to have them, anyway) can battle each other with weapons. These have no exit.

COOP - Identicle to 1 Player mode, except you can have a various number of people playing along.

CAPTURE THE FLAG - Teams are assigned by colour to capture the opposing team's flags. These have no exit.

CHAOS - An endless horde of enemies. You'll need to battle them off for a certain amount of time, or until you lose a life.

RACE - A race to the finish. This mode withstands no enemies in mid-level.

TAG - One player is "it," and the others have to run away (well, what else would they do?) to prevent being tagged "it" themselves.

=-=-=-=-=-11. MYSTIC REALM-=-=-=-=-=
If you look on the addons section of the SRB2 website, you can download a level pack called "Mystic Realm". In the level pack, there are four additional zones plus one Final Zone. So, once you pass Castle Eggman Zone, you will continue onto these zones. Even if the final version of the game doesn't comes out for a while (or ever), these levels should keep you entertained for a while.

::CRAWLA ISLE ZONE:: You start off at a beach; from there you enter a GFZ-like area. The second act is relatively easy and simple, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem again. DR. EGGMAN BOSS - Eggman uses the same tactics he used in GFZ. As Sonic, if you fall into the water, it is impossible to return to land, so make sure to take in a lot of air bubbles. Takes eight hits.

::VERDANT FOREST ZONE:: This nasty forest is crawling with Crawla, Detons, and Jetty-Syns. To make things worse, the second act is filled with bottomless pools of water which you must avoid by jumping on logs, so if you're Sonic, then you'll be one frustrated player. DR. EGGMAN BOSS - Yet another GFZ-styled boss. Although it seems to be difficult, being there a bottomless water pit, Sonic actually has the easiest time fighting this one if you execute his Speed Thok properly. If you're Sonic or Tails, leap towards Dr. Eggman during attacking, and during the rebound, backpedal to your platform. As Knuckles, just attack Eggman with his gliding, and after attacking him land on another nearby platform (preferably not the logs).

::FLAME RIFT ZONE:: A lava-based level with Crawla and Jetty-Syns all around. This level could have been easier than Verdant Forest Zone, if it weren't for those deathly crumbling platforms in act two. Make sure to stock up on lives, because like the previous zone, this sure won't be pretty. DR. EGGMAN BOSS - Eggman takes a break from his useless missile/dashing combo and whips out another failure: The poison machine, again. This time there's lava all around you. Regardless, this boss can be surprisingly simple just as long as you stay on the middle platform. Takes eight hits.

::MIDNIGHT FREEZE ZONE:: The ground is slippery, and there's a huge hoard of Jetty-Syns and Crawla Commanders after you. Both acts are incredibly short, but getting past them without falling into ice-cold water or slipping off the main path is the trick. Make sure to stock up on lives, because if you're playing as Sonic, this level will be living hell for you (as always, for Sonic). DR. EGGMAN BOSS - Again with the missiles and dashes. Similar in design with the FRZ boss arena, but when you hit the water, you're pretty much dead. Be extremely careful around this boss, especially if you're playing as Sonic or Knuckles. Eight hits later and Dr. Eggman will realize why his GFZ tactics are lamer than a thug who won't give up a fight.

::AERIAL GARDEN ZONE:: Just when you think it can't get any worse than VFZ or MFZ, it does. No doubt the hardest zone in the entire Mystic Realm game. No matter which character you play as, you'll have a very difficult time fighting off the hoard of endless Jetty-Syns. However, Tails has the easiest time here, as all he has to do to beat act one is make a 90-degrees turn and simply fly to the goal. Cheapskate. Knuckles can also glide into the wall and climb it. DR. EGGMAN BOSS - ... Or not. Not very difficult, actually. First get rid of the surrounding Jetty-Syns, then Dr. Eggman himself. Don't get too carried away with your bounds, since the middle platform isn't big enough to hold you both. Takes eight hits.

::MYSTIC REALM ZONE:: Previously and simply known as "Final Zone," Mystic Realm Zone is the final stage set between you and Dr. Eggman. Fortunately, he's not very treatening, but the surrounding stage is, as usual. There's a huge void beneath you, which obviously takes a life away from you if you touch it. You could fight him in the same manner as the VFZ boss, but trying to rebound back to land is difficult, unless you're Knuckles, who can just glide through him. Takes eight hits.

=-=-=-=-=-12. EASTER EGG LOCATIONS-=-=-=-=-=
I'd write my own descriptions for these, but I feel that hotdog003 from the SRB2 message boards does a rather good job at explaining them, so I'll let him take it from here.

GFZ1 - In the lake, in an unexpecting spot, hop on a little island and you will find a gray egg. There is another one. Go into the wide cave at the beginning, and you will get to the area of the circles. Kinda. The egg is lurking behind one of the raised circles.

GFZ2 - You need to play as Tails. In the open area at the end, hop into a little crevice in the rock. There is a red egg just waitin' for ya. At the beginning, get to the first checkpoint. Then, spin around and face the wall. Fly up to a ledge, and the egg is right there.

THZ1 - At the beginning, near the slime river, go through the left path. It's right there. Near SONIC's Emblem, there is a white one on top of the pipes. THZ2 - Go into the room with the turret. The red egg is behind one of the boxes. At the end, there is a little slime waterfall cage thing. It's to the left of the arrow sign. Way to the left. An egg is in the slime at the top.

CEZ1 - At the beginning, go through the cave. There will be a little notch in the bottom of the wall that is well hidden. Rocket through that, and there will be a blue egg. At the end, go into the hole in the wall with the 1up. An orange egg is there.

CEZ2 - At the part with the jail cell buttons, jump down the well thingy. At the courtyard with the cups of water, a pink egg is in one of the "cups".

=-=-=-=-=-13. TIPS AND TRICKS-=-=-=-=-=
The easiest way to defeat a boss is to Spin Dash in place. Allow Dr. Eggman to get close enough to you, and hold down the Spin Dash key until you land enough hits on Dr. Eggman. When you beat him, continue holding down the key as you press the Jump key. Although this isn't affective on the THZ boss, it works wonders against the CEZ boss. There are a few console commands that alter your progress in the game. If you want to beat the game clean (and unlock anything, for that matter), make sure to stear clear of these codes.

EMILYDAMPSTONE - Enables invincibility. You are protected against harmful liquids and robots, but does not protect you against crushers and bottomless pits. Useful if you want to play something that remotely resembles Super Knuckles or Super Tails. This only works in Final Demo 0.70.

GOD - Basically he same exact thing as the EMILYDAMPSTONE code. This only works in Demo 4.3X and below.

HOMING - Enables Homing Attack. You can play through the game with Sonic's Homing Attack from Sonic Adventure. This only works in Demo 4.3X and below.

IAMAGHOST - Enables you to walk through walls. May mess up the camera and game if you happen to be snooping in an area where you're not supposed to be (invisible walls and such). This only works in Final Demo 0.70 and (probably) below.

TUNES - Enables Sound Test and temporarily replaces current background music.

=-=-=-=-=-14. QUESTIONS OF THE COMMON GAMER-=-=-=-=-=
Q: How the heck do you jump in SRB2? A: That's about it.

=-=-=-=-=-15. CONTRIBUTIONS-=-=-=-=-=
KNUCKLES METALMIND - Information on the emblems and tokens, times in order to unlock the Time Attack bonus, how to unlock Easter Egg mode. URTHDIGGER - Location of the first token in THZ2. DIGIKU - Pointing out various things I have missed, information on the second THZ2 token. HOTDOG003 - Providing Easter Egg locations. JAKE - Didn't contribute a single damn thing. That cheeky bastard.
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I know my kids will love it!
How old ARE you? :shock:
And, why not make a new topic? Why bump an old one?
And it's outdated.
That was made for 1.08, and Mystic Realm 3.
Now it's 1.09, and Mystic Realm 4.
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It's still fairly accurate, except in God mode, crushers and pits as well as drowning don't affect you.
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Default Just trying to help

I didn't want to start a whole new topic for an older FAQ - and thought this topic was as good a place as any to place it. While I knew it was for the older version since the game is still fundamentally the same I thought it would at least serve as a base for newbies looking for some consolidated info in one posting.

Hey - who knows - maybe someone else will find it useful as the start to write up an updated one. : )

As for my age - I'm 44 - a long term gamer - and I have a 9 and 7 year old who have loved Sonic since they could hold a gamepad (started them on al old throway Sega genesis, and now they are hooked on gamecube, gameboy, PC, and any fan game or emulated version I can find. Their favorite for a long time has been SRB2 - but they didn't quite understand the point behind it all - so I thought a FAQ would help them. Did the searching, and figured someone else might want access to it on your board.

Hope it helps someone!
Always enjoyed Sonic and passing it on to my kids... How much better does life get...?
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You are the coolest dad ever.
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Originally Posted by Ritz
You are the coolest dad ever.
I'd say that if it wasn't for the fact that it'd be incredibly disrespectful to my dad.
Lelouche Vi Britannia commands you.. MAKE BETTER POSTS!
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My comment still stands.
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