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Fang the Weasle
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Default Some Strange Proprieties of the Air Drill Abillity

I was messing around with changing the "actionspd" value of a character and the air drill ability when I found this:
When "actionspd" is set to 140, you will come to a complete stop, jump up a little, and fall. You can fall faster with the spin key just like normal, but the effect seems to be amplified.

When "actionspd" is set to -15, you will hover in a straight line (unless you're turning) for a short period of time. Pressing the spin key will do nothing. If you hit the surface of a platform, you will be in a glitch state where you look like you're rolling, but you can move freely and cannot harm enemies. Jumping and/or landing will correct the issue.

I just found this fascinating and wanted to share it. Who knows, this could be helpful to someone.

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