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Lua - Ring Counter
Version: v1.3, by SonicX8000 (Graphic & Sprite Modder.) SonicX8000 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2018

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.80 average)
Released: 04-16-2014 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

Been trying to get a Perfect Bonus but just don't know how many rings are in the level? Are you worried that you THINK that you may have all the rings collected but there's that one lonely ring that you forgot to grab? Lucky for you... this script will show you the way to nabbing that Perfect Bonus.

This script scans the Rings, Coins, and Super Ring Boxes within the map and adds them to a counter which appears next to your collected rings. The Ring Counter tells you the grand total of Rings & Coins that are within the level and as you collect Rings & Coins the counter changes. If the counter reads 0 then there are no rings within the map or you got all of them. *Note: You still need to keep all the rings in order to get the Perfect Bonus.*

With some help I was able to optimize it so that it doesn't lag in object-heavy maps and it only shows during Single Player & Coop. *It shows during Race but I don't think anyone is going to focus on getting Perfects during that gametype.* It's pointless to have it show during Match/CTF/etc. and during Nights Mode the HUD would look out of place.

With all that said... it's time to start tackling those Perfect Bonuses.

Some slight edits to the Ring Counter in Splitscreen Mode. "RINGS LEFT" is now yellow and the positioning has been moved slightly. This is hopefully the last update for it.

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Old 04-18-2014   #2
The infractions whore ;)
VirtualBlitz546's Avatar

This is amazing, really helpy :p. Thanks to this now I know how many rings I've put into my map xD. Amazing job, but it's just a bit frustrating that this activates de gamemodified to true, it is really helpful. Rating 10 :D
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Old 04-19-2014   #3
Phil the hegi
Absolute Nonsense
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Put it right on the split for 2P
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Old 04-19-2014   #4
Graphic & Sprite Modder.
SonicX8000's Avatar

Originally Posted by VirtualBlitz546 View Post
Amazing job, but it's just a bit frustrating that this activates de gamemodified to true, it is really helpful. Rating 10 :D
It modifies the game so it trips that. You can just add the script and write down the rings it has somewhere for that map.

Originally Posted by Phil the hegi View Post
Put it right on the split for 2P
Was just thinking that. I'll try messing with the script and see if I can get it to display somewhere else.

Splitscreen is now supported. The Ring Counter is smaller and put under the score for both players and added a yellow "RINGS LEFT" text with the number next to it.
GraphicX8000 will return... when I'm actually not lazy with finishing it.

Last edited by SonicX8000; 04-19-2014 at 09:55 AM.
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Old 10-11-2017   #5
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Epic Fail (I failed and i did wrong post still)

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Old 10-11-2017   #6
Elyos03's Avatar

Hey, it's like Sonic 2 Delta!

For those who doesn't know, got to it's Sonic Retro article. Too lazy to say about that.
It's been (over) 4 years since 2.1 came out
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Old 10-15-2017   #7
GreenKnight9000's Avatar

This should be an unlockable in 2.2!
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