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CD Sonic
Version: 1.0.1, by Lach (nanananananananananananan a) Lach is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2019

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Released: 03-24-2018 Last Update: Never Installs: 3
Characters SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

Spoiler: Background Information
So, I started dabbling in Lua scripting for SRB2 about a year ago this month, and CD Sonic was the first project I remember working on. I took all the sprites I could find from Sonic 1 and Sonic CD to create a barebones character upon which I could construct custom abilities. Needless to say, it wasn't a particularly impressive project, nor did I ever have the intention of bringing it to the Message Board. Yet for some reason it was quite popular among the people I showed it to, and soon it somehow became an uncommon but fairly present mod in many public servers. There are several different versions and edits floating around at this point; in fact as I was writing this post I stopped to check the Master Server and, sure enough, I found a server playing with someone's edit.

Because it became so popular, I've decided to release a definitive edition onto the Message Board! I'm aware that sprite rip characters are generally frowned upon and I would be lying if I said it wasn't an awkward thing for me to submit, but I've done my best to make up for it by including a plethora of fun abilities.

As if you haven't had enough of Sonic clones, here's CD Sonic! Don't worry; you'll find there are a lot of differences between CD Sonic and any other Sonic we've had in SRB2 so far.

First off: the crouch.

Instead of charging his Spin Dash right away, CD Sonic crouches when you press spin. From here, you can do two things: start a Spin Dash, or start a Super Peel-Out. To charge a Spin Dash, repeatedly tap the jump button; you'll retain the charged up speed until you let go of the spin button to burst forward as usual. To charge a Peel-Out, press forward instead. Unlike the Spin Dash, you only need to press the button once, and you can cancel the move by jumping.

Oh yeah, and the crouch also reduces CD Sonic's height. Might come in handy for certain levels.

Now for CD Sonic's primary ability: Spring Spawn!

While jumping in mid-air, you can press either jump or spin to spawn a spring that will propel CD Sonic either forwards or upwards, respectively. (Note that if CD Sonic is wearing a shield, pressing spin will perform a shield maneuver instead.)

Finally, CD Sonic's unique mechanic: Chaos Emerald powers!

Inspired by Sonic CD's Time Stones, each Chaos Emerald that CD Sonic acquires will grant him a unique ability. Use the weapon selection keys to highlight an emerald, and press fire (or Custom 1, if you prefer) to activate it! Do note that as a drawback, CD Sonic can't use his springs while any emerald slot is highlighted. Collect enough emeralds, however, and you'll start learning how to chain the actions together to perform some nice maneuvers! Here's a peek at what a couple of the powers are—you'll have to figure out the rest on your own!

CD Sonic can't use the Chaos Emerald abilities in ringslinger gametypes, to avoid conflicts with the regular weapon ring selection.

There are a few other neat additions, such as NiGHTS sprites while FSonic is added, and a classic-style control set in 2D levels. Enjoy!

(Please note that the WAD is Wadzipped.)

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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #42
Red The Pyrohog
The Proud Owner of Five OCs
Red The Pyrohog's Avatar

Uh... need a spriter dude? The sprites look off.
Plans for making several wads? Yes.
Plans for being lazy? Most Likely
Plans for waiting for 2.2? ...Guess I could wait a bit longer...

By the way, Three out of Five of my OCs are canines., with Four being Female.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #43
The one and only!
MK.exe's Avatar

Originally Posted by Red The Pyrohog View Post
Uh... need a spriter dude? The sprites look off.
They only look off cos they are sprites ripped from a sheet. Unique sprites would be cool but thats not what sells this character for me
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Old 1 Week Ago   #44
GreenKnight9000's Avatar

Originally Posted by MK.exe View Post
They only look off cos they are sprites ripped from a sheet. Unique sprites would be cool but thats not what sells this character for me
That reminds me
I actually made an edit of this WAD a long time ago to make it look like Sonic 2/CD styled with the help of Mania Plus' sprites and replaced the Emerald sprites with Time Stones.
It was actually that wad that made me master using WAD editing tools (so thank you for that)

I do think the Super Sonic abillity is a little overpowered (and hurts my eyes a little.) Perhaps replace it with a Boost whilst on the ground, or add a small 1-3 second delay on the abillity.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #45
Big Charmy/Tails Fan
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Default Great Wad!!!

i can't stop having a feeling that someone had done this before?
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