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Singey Yumbo
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Default How do you check a projectile spawning in Lua?

Specifically, what is the variable, and how do I use it to spawn a trail for my custom projectile?

Here is the code for the functions I'm trying to work on

addHook("MobjThinker", function(mobj)
    if abs(mobj.momx) + abs(mobj.momy) + abs(mobj.momz) > 0 then
		mobj.fuse = mobj.fuse + 1
	if -abs(mobj.momx) + -abs(mobj.momy) + -abs(mobj.momz) < 0 then
end, MT_ROCK)

addHook("SpinSpecial", function(player)
    local mo =
    if and and == "amperkonova" then -- If the player has a player object in play (not spectating)
        if not (player.pflags & PF_SPINDOWN) then -- If the button wasn't pressed the previous frame...
            -- That means we just tapped the button!
            -- Therefore fire a projectile
            local proj = P_SpawnPlayerMissile(mo, MT_ROCK) -- Create a rock
   = mo -- Set the rock's target to us - A "target" for projectiles means "who fired it"
			proj.fuse = 4*TICRATE
			//proj.momz = $1 - FRACUNIT/4
            P_InstaThrust(proj, mo.angle + 48*FRACUNIT, 60*FRACUNIT) -- Fire the projectile towards the player's horizontal aim at 60 FRACUNIT speed
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Alright, coming up!

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