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Sergeant Brown
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Default The Dreamcast Collection topic

Looks like SEGA has been really sneaky on this one.

Gentlemen, I welcome to you the Dreamcast Collection!

-Crazy Taxi
-Sonic Adventure DX
-SEGA Sea Bass Fishing
-Space Channel 5 (Part 2)

Now, discuss.

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Resisting Pony Avatar
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Saw it two days ago, it didn't look like there was any more then those four. Though it was only in a magazine, so yeah. And how have they been really sneaky? It's just a random compliation of games, who the hell would make hype out of that?
I'll get it when I get the chance, so, yeah.

Edit: Oh you're kdding, it's for Steam as well? Well I'll be damned. And yeah, there's only four games.
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Chao Freak 1
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The collection's actually a bit... disappointing. I'm sure that they could have put more games on there and you can download two of them already. JSR and ReZ should have been on there too. :U Wouldn't mind SA2 either.

The only reason to really get the DCCollection would be for Space Channel 5: Part 2 because it wasn't released on the Dreamcast outside of Japan. Part 2 is also 10x more playable then the first game. But alas, they screwed that one up too. It's fine on the XBOX and the textures are all high quality now, but on the PC, the game lags so much that the commands aren't with the music. It's pretty much impossible to play on the PC.
Still, for the XBOX, it's great seeing Channel 5 in HD.
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Sergeant Brown
An Eggman Fan
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I would buy it at Steam too, if only to play Crazy Taxi and SADX, but my 3-Year old Vista wouldn't allow me to play them. Plus, I got my eyes on another game, like Sonic Colors.
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Old 03-04-2011   #5
Playing your heartstrings
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I was hoping to see Ecco Defender of the Future in this. Now THAT is one AWESOME game, and if you haven't played it, I suggest you do.
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Shadow Hog
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What's to discuss? It's a lazy, cheap cash-in featuring substandard ports of the games that largely don't do justice to the originals (no Offspring in Crazy Taxi :(), and has somewhat questionable title choices on top (Sega Sea Bass Fishing? Really? Who was desperate for that?). Not to mention, Sonic Adventure on the PC version is apparently a port of a port of a port of a port of the original - DC to GC to PC to XBLA/PSN to PC again, the end result not even being as good as the first PC port. Why?

Don't waste your money.

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Old 03-06-2011   #7
Obamasnow Fan-- With a Hat
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Im not even thinking of buying this cheap blasphemy unless they relativeley work on improving a shit instead of being lazy butts at its max and releasing the exact same games for like the 10th time.
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footure semen
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Spoiler: Meanwhile at SEGA...

Seriously, it pisses me off to no end that we have to pay for Sonic Adventure and then pay ANOTHER $5 for SADX.

Damn, I should have waited for it to appear on Steam.

EDIT: oh yeah did i mention the lack of widescreen and bugfixes?
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