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Back from the dead
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Default SRB2 Appreciation

Long time no see! I didn't want to bother trying to private message everyone in the community about the game, but I wanted to express how grateful I am to have found this fan project. To this day, I consider SRB2 to be one of my favorite Sonic games to play. I love the amount of detail there is in the levels and how great the game feels to control.

All of the versions of SRB2 I've played since back in 2008/09 have only shown an increase in quality as they've been updated, and I appreciate the work that the developers and fellow players making mods do to make this game great. I feel like this game deserves more recognition, but being a fan/hobby project, I believe that just experiencing the game for those that come across it is enough.

I don't want to make this post too long, and I hope that maybe others will post what they appreciate about SRB2 as well in this thread. I look back at some of my forum posts from around the time I started and realize how much has changed. Especially after seeing my picture in the "post a picture of yourself" thread (if that's even still an active thread), I still remember how much I enjoyed myself here in this community.

To the awesome people in this community I've already met, as well as everyone else, and ESPECIALLY to the developers and modders that made this game as amazing as it is, I want to give a personal thank you for one of the most enjoyable experiences in gaming that I'll remember and keep remembering every time I come back to play the past versions, or any new updated versions of SRB2.

If anyone else has anything they'd like to share about what they appreciate about this game or community then don't be shy. This game is awesome!
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