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Are you going to finish Mario? I really wanna play as him!
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i think this project is dead now :|

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i think this project is dead now, which is a shame because i rly wanted to play as him too
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The Snoggo
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Ok, Since I really haven't posted anything in quite a long time, I want to make this little post short.

Over the last few months, I haven't made any progress on Mario which is disappointing to some people who were looking forward to me finishing him. That said, I really have no idea on the fate of my Mario wad. There is a high possibility that I'm gonna discontinue the project and just move to new project maybe. There are a few reasons why I think this way for Mario.

1- I lost the motivation for this project.
2- I'm either doing spriting stuff for free time or helping others with their projects.
3- Other stuff that has a higher priority than working on Mario.

So yea, those are pretty much the reasons why I stopped working on Mario. If I ever do plan on continuing him in the future, there's a high chance that I may want to redo the sprites entirely. Due to the sprites being made from last year, I could see a point of redoing and/or fixing up some sprites and animations. But we'll see how things work out for me soon.

Until then, stay tuned for more sprite work.
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