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Old 08-16-2006   #21
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I found this CTF bug. When I switched to red team I was the color grey instead of red... :shock:
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Old 08-17-2006   #22
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The block of glass using GLASS2 at the start of THZ2 is rendered invisible in OpenGL.
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Old 08-17-2006   #23
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I found a bug when testing 2P mode in .44

When you go to 2P mode (match) and you type in splitscreen off (that takes away the 2nd player), and then split screen on

it will say, player 3 has joined the game

but the strangest thing happened

all i could do is control player 3 to turn left and right, and when i tried to jump, it would act like a sezure sonic (i was pressing the button repeatedly), but i did the splitscreen off and splitscreen on again, and I got player 2 back in the game
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