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Default Earworm thread Round 2

So we had one of these before, and it amused me enough and added some tracks to my playlist, so I wanna hear what you guys are all listening to that's been stuck in your head over the past few weeks. I'll start with mine to get the ball rolling.

Dangerous Sports Club - Spray
It's just absurdly simple and catchy. A lot of their tracks are kinda meh, but this particular one I find myself turning to just before I turn into the highway on my drive home from work.
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Started playing Osu! a few days ago and I casually came across this song:

Nanahoshi Kangengakudan - Meikaruza

Since then I can't stop listening to it. Quirky and catchy, I love it.
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Force of Nature - Just Forget (Homework Edit)

Something that I've been listening to, ironically when I've been doing homework. Pretty catchy, very smooth.
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Pretty much the same story as Jazzz here. I've got a couple of jams found through osu! sessions with my friend. The last one gets me all emotional.

REOL - drop pop candy
Annabel - Signal Graph
HTT - Tenshi ni Fureta Yo! (Asterisk DnB Remix)
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RD Sounds - MoonJumper

Found this while looking for remixes of Seiran's theme, "The Rabbit Has Landed" (which in itself has been an earworm for me)

From the description I can see that search has missed the mark but at the same time the song sounds nothing like the listed source song anyway and is catchy as heck to me so I still think of it as a win.
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