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Default Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

The Prequel to the first game, Dissidia Final Fantasy. The game is coming out for PSP on March 22nd(Already out at Target). If you preorder the game at Gamestop, you get a KH Cloud costume. If you preorder off of Amazon, you get a Tifa costume.

Don't worry if you've never played the first game, the game has an easy introduction. The game has all the characters, music, items, and stages from the first game. It even has the an unlockable story mode(From the first game)!

The game is simple. You face off 1 on 1 as a Final Fantasy character in gigantic open destructible fields. You use bravery attacks to knock down the Opponents bravery and gain it and use HP attacks to deal HP damage. It is quite simple and many people compare this game to Brawl.

A Prolouge to the game has been released on PSN. It is 3 dollars and it has a small story mode and a normal/hard arcade mode. I already clocked 30 hours onto it. As a bonus, you get a free Aerith assist to use in the retail game.

New additions to the sequel are; Refined character movesets, faster chase sequences to not slow down the game, more characters such as Lightning, rebalanced fighting mechanics, RPG Mode, and a game mechanic; assists.
Assists are people you can call out when your assist bar is full. To fill it up, you have to attack. It fills up faster if you land the attack.
One bar filled = Bravery attack.
Two bars filled = HP attack

RPG mode is very simple and was made for beginners. The game moves your character for you and you just use a command menu. (Dodge, attack, bravery, move, assist, etc)

One of the most unique additions is Lightning. She can transfer from 3 different movesets like she does in Final Fantasy 13. Medic, Ravanger, and Commando.

The game is really fun and you should at least try it.

Edit: The game features characters from Final Fantasy 1 all the way to Final Fantasy 13.
The game also features quest creator which you can make your own quests and share them with other players.

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