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Default Super Sonic Knockout

Super Sonic Knockout is an interesting 2d sonic fangame. If you are looking for a good fighting game, you should certainly check it out. SSK is still being worked on, but the actual demo contains many techniques and moves to master, as well as different gamemodes and fighting styles. It contains only 5 characters, but (hopefully soon) upcoming demo will feature more, as well as many other gimmicks. It's still very unpopular, but worth checking out.
Hope you'll have fun playing it:)
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There are a lot more characters (9 to be exact) in the character profile page.
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My thoughts on your posting
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Wow, this is... kind of OK. There's a few things that really need fixing, like knocking somebody in the air, where they start to spin around in the air indefinitely until you hit them a couple of times. It also seems to take up a ton of CPU power, which I'd say is more Game Maker's fault than anything else.

There's doesn't really feel like there's a lot of variety among the characters. I mean, they get like one or two moves that the others can't, but other than that, they all attack the same way. Plus, once two characters actually get close, it just basically feels like you're seeing who can mash the fast attack button faster until somebody gets knocked away, and then you repeat.

Plus, the way the game scrolls is stupid. Maybe it's an issue they couldn't get around with small screen size, but the way the game HAS to be split into split-screen for two players is dumb. At least make it so the screen unsplits if two people get close to each other.

But other than that, the presentation alone kicks the crap out of Super Smash Brothers, too. No shitty anime characters, no terrible voice acting!
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Also, check out The 90's Time Machine!
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You're right, but those will be in the next demo.

Yes, this game has MANY bugs, some very annoying, but they don't spoilt the game.
About the difference between the characters, i realised that after long time of playing. But you are right, there isn't too many attacks overall.
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Am I the only one who immediately thought of KOTE after reading the topic title? :o
Not sure what to put here.

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Goes by Kirboy in netgames
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Nope, I thought of Super form Ko.T.E as well.
I've heard of this game before though.
I seem to have trouble accessing the website.
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It looks like it's down for a while. It should be accessable soon I guess.
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Ive played it, not bad.
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