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I made a miniboss theme for my game. It sounds sort of empty but I'm not really sure how I can improve it. (As well as making it not sound like a MIDI)
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Hey Root,

That's a nice melody and drum beat you have going there! It would work great as a mini boss theme!
You can easily fill out the sound by keeping everything you've done so far and adding a consistent bass line going throughout the song. In addition, you can add a pad, keys, strings, guitar, or something that plays either continuous or rhythmic chords throughout. On top of that you can add some sparkles and shimmers and ear candy.

Basically right now you have a melody, a countermelody, and a drum track. Add in a bassline, sustained or rhythmic chords, and some ear candy and you'll have yourself a really nice sounding track!
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Hmmm it took me a while to get the general sense and tone of the song. Honestly i dont like how it sounds imo.

Like Ultimate said, just add a few more instruments, definitely a baseline. Maybe try to make the main melody standout too.

When i hear miniboss or boss theme i think fast tempos and simple yet catchy melodies.

Good work nonetheless!
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