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Old 06-22-2018   #1001
Steel Titanium
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Originally Posted by Flame View Post
Hey, I'm alive!

I also have some of these new found desktop thingy's everyone has..

Personal laptop

Gaming Rig (It has lights!)

Now excuse me while I disappear into the abyss for another few years~
The links are already dead, just so you know.
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Old 07-09-2018   #1002
feeling rather Iffy lately
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Had this desktop for a while now.
<Majro> or maybe they simply walk at sucking
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Useless Prick
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MeGagWolf: ...because he's a f-[VERY NICE PERSON]
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New album coming soon on all platforms.
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A lot of those icons have gone unclicked for a while now. And that's my irl name that's pixelated.

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