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Default Where is the object data for SRB2 located?

I want to make a few modified versions of bosses for my wad, but trying to recreate the scripts has constantly led to some sort of failure. I was wondering if I could find the already existing scripts to make my simple few modifications easier to do, or if there is any way to access them. If so, where are they located?
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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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In the source code (specifically in info.c, I believe). However, you may want to use the wiki to look up the bosses (example), look in the object and state info on those pages, and recreate them from the info provided there, as the list in the source code is mostly pretty un-labelled so you have to know what value goes where to modify it easily. You will still have to recreate or at least edit it, anyway, as the source code syntax is different from the SOC syntax, so you might as well just use the labelled information from the wiki for it.
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Monster Iestyn
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info.c/h only contains the basic data for all states and object types and sprites mind, the stuff that could be reproduced by SOC alone. If you want the code for the actions the states use, check p_enemy.c. If you want the rest of the thinking code for objects check p_mobj.c or perhaps p_user.c (the latter file is mostly relevant for players).

Bosses in particular tend to use a mix of actions and hardcoded thinkers to do their stuff usually. With the exception of 2.1's Brak Eggman though, that's all done in SOC IIRC.
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