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Default Srb2 PORT help (NDS)

I have Ez-Flash V i saved Srb2.nds in my MicroSD card with evry file (srb2.srb, tails.plr , ring.wpn.. ECC) Now i run Srb2 on Ez-Flash and my touch screen shows me this ( P.S. i never played srb2 on ds....)

Setting up SRB2...
SRB2. SRB/SRB2.WAD Not found! Expected in
fat:/, ss files: fat://Srb2.srb and fat://srb2.wad
Ok... it says that i didn't put srb2.srb...i checked... and it's there..

What's the Problem?
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SRB2 Console Ports info (PS3 r6752)
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