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Permanently Banned
Default Website does not exist???

Hi Boomers!!!! (That's my new catchphrase for saying hi to ppl) My first post in a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time, and for some reason, the ONLY post I COULD make...

For some reason, on certain computers (this one is working fine) when I try to pull up this site, it says "Page does not exist"!!!! Anyone else having this problem? The last time I got on the computer (one that wasn't working on this site) was 1 hour ago, and it still wouldn't come up!!!! I'm a little worried, because I've been trying for a MONTH!!!!! PLZ HELP!!!!

(Boomer received an infraction for this post: Use correct grammar and spelling.)
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Gemini Spark
The EX version
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Well, only a select few computers are worthy enough to have access to this site, after all. They are referred to as the Upper Class Computers; it's quite an exclusive club, although why my junky laptop got in is a mystery...

*response that actually helps is below*

Are those computers older than Windows XP? You may want to switch those out, btw. Also, maybe some computers aren't compatible with VBulletin, although that's pretty far-fetched.
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Very far fetched.

The DNS on the PCs is probably boned, try opening command prompt (Windows Key + R, then type cmd and hit enter) and type:

It'll either respond or timeout. See what IP it gives.
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Old 07-10-2011   #4
Permanently Banned

Ah. For some reason, one of the computers not working is currently pulling up SRB2 v2.0.6 and VBulletin fine now... idk! I'll post back when I figure out the other computers. Here's what I did:
1. Reboot the computer a couple of times.
2. Pull up Internet Explorer.
3. Go to VBulletin (at the time, did not exist on my computer).
4. Pull up the SRB2 Net Launcher (found one for 2.0.6).
5. Add files SMSunleashed and SRB2AV (new mod I'm working on... AV+ Awesomer Version).
6. Launch SRB2.
7. Advertise Team Match at Sapphire Falls Zone mk II (new Zone on AV)

Well, the point is, it worked.
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