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Default Srb2win disappeared!

It was always working before but this time when I launched the game with win it was working for like 3 seconds then closed, I tried launching it again but it didn't work, that's because it was deleted, I also tried reinstalling the game but the installer stops at 97% where it should install win... what's happening?

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Considering that you say that the executable dissapears, and how 2.1.20 is being erroneously flagged as a malicious file these days, a wild guess would be that an antivirus that you have thinks the game is a virus and is deleting it as soon as it is created/executed.

Depending on what kind of antivirus it is, I'd recommend whitelisting the SRB2 folder, the installer and/or the game executables, and maybe sending a false positive report whenever available.
You could also disable it for a moment but that's just overkill.
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Fixed! Thanks!
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Smith The Icefox
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The same happened to me a week ago, I fixed it the same way.
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