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Default "live" thread?

This post has been added by another user.

Since this is an active topic, this post has been automatically added to the thread while you were reading it. If you are replying to this thread you might want to read this post before doing so.
I saw this in the Invader Zim thread. Why... and how? (to get a topic to become live)
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Metal Knux
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I think it appears whenever a post is made, basicly it means most recently posted in... I think...
AKA Metal Sonic 2.0(netgames)and/or MonkeyMan(anywhere else).
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It marks a thread as automatically updating, if you sit on the last page while it's 'live' it'll display new posts and edits automatically. They only last so long, 5 minutes I believe is the maximum, and I think if you stay on the page too long it'll stop updating (to avoid idle people bogging down the server [as if]).
<+Jev3> btw guys, now that Cue is gone, the Master Server is going to be awesome
<@Mystic> That's a good idea, Cue.
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