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My thoughts on your posting
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Default Noitu Love 2 for Wiiware


If you don't what Noitu Love 2 is, go here. And grab the demo, it can tell you how awesome this is better than I can.

I've got to say, I've already bought this and I'm still looking forward to this WAY more than Cave Story or La-Mulana. Now all we need is Iji and I'll be in heaven.
Feel the rush and watch the universe fly by,
As we speed up and break the speed of sound
Hours pass like seconds in our rear view mirror
Angle up and leave the ground!
Also, check out The 90's Time Machine!

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It's Mr. Computer!
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That image looks a lot like some random kid pasted a bunch of konjak's artwork into MSPaint.

And I'd rather just get the game for PC.
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