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Default Little Fighter Series (not an official game)

Well I've been playing this downloadable game called Little Fighter 2. To me, its a heck of fun. After a couple of months or so, I found lots of moderations of it, such as Nintendo vs. Sega, Wrestle Little Fighter (overpowered moves FTW.), Little Fighter Turbo, and more. So, I'd like to see if you have heard of it and what's your opinion of it.
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Funny, I didn't think LF2 even had a community anymore.

I used to play LF2 a fair bit, even did a small amount of modding for it (in the form of one custom character... that more or less turned out to be a gary stu with a few small exceptions). But eventually it just gets too damn repetitive to enjoy anymore, even with the extra modded content you can find here and there (not that it helps that nobody ever programmed a fucking AI for custom chars). When the DBZ fetishism kicked in, peaking at a SS Goku that could hurt people with his defensive stance and literally knock people back full screenlengths in a single standard punch, I felt I'd had enough of it.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, I guess.
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