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Not this moron again...
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Default The new sonic games. Improved or not?

I thought i'd post something to discuss about the new sonic games. Anyway, what do you think of the new Sonic The Hedgehog games? Have they improved from the classics or not? I think that ever since Sonic Rush was released gameplay has deteriorated thanks to sonic not being able to go fast when you spin downhill and the bosses couldn't stay classic either due to 3D models and new designs like the Snake thing for example in the Leaf storm Boss act. I think i'll give my opinions a rest untill I change my opinion.
In the meantime, discuss.
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Chao Freak 1
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I actually really like the "new" games... As in 1998-2004 which really isn't that new come to think of it... But I like those more than the classics. But the actually new games I couldn't stand. Still haven't tried Unleashed, although the whole Wherehog thing's turning me off of that. Rush was fun, and Riders was good, but not as a Sonic game. I really think that should have been a SEGA SUPERSTARS/ALLSTARS game.

But I like the Adventure games, Heroes was good, the Advanced games, all of those. I even like his new anime design with the green eyes more than the old one. He just looks cooler like he's suppose to be.
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This argument is old as hell and hasn't gone anywhere in the past 5 years, so I'm going to save us all a ton of redundancy and kill this topic yet again before we see the same old boring argument.
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